Temple of Storms

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Temple of Storms

The Temple of Storms is a dungeon in Cadence of Hyrule. It is the only dungeon included in the demo version.

The Temple of Storms is based around the game mechanic of wind. To prevent skipping the first part of the dungeon, the player has to press a button to switch which fans are on and which are off. Furthermore, the player cannot enter the main part of the dungeon with Iron Boots.

Getting to the Temple of Storms

In order to reach the Temple of Storms, the player needs to visit the Windmill to get the Down Thrust (if the player is not Cadence or Octavo, Cadence will appear in the cave at the entrance to Death Mountain to direct the player to the Windmill). After returning with the Down Thrust, the player can use the Gel in the river to cross the gap safely. The player should head north then back across the river, then south to find the drawbridge control bridge that the Kakariko Village kids moved[1][2]. The player can now cross the river and enter the dungeon.


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