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1-2 Heart.pngcontact
1 Heart.pngLightning


Gleeokenspiel is the boss of the Temple of Storms in Cadence of Hyrule. It is one of Octavo's four Champions. The boss is based on Gleeok from the original The Legend of Zelda, except Gleeokenspiel can survive without its heads.


Phase 1

Gleeokenspiel will start the battle by moving its heads around for a few beats before shooting lightning from each of its heads, electrifying the water if the lightning hits it. When it starts charging, hurry to a spot between heads, then strike one of the heads until they charge again. Hitting Gleeokenspiel while it's charging will stun the character for a beat, so move to safety when it starts charging up. After enough hits, the head will detach and begin floating around the chamber. Repeat the process on the other three heads, killing them if they get too annoying, to start phase two.

Phase 2

Gleeokenspiel will begin moving around the arena in this phase, and its attack now affects its immediate surroundings. Do the same thing as before with its body to defeat Gleeokenspiel. Grab the Heart Container and the Glockenspiel to leave the dungeon.