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Muava is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Muava is a Gerudo who can be found sitting next to the Goddess Statue at the southeast part of town. Immediately when Link chats with her, she recognizes that Link is actually a man disguised as a woman. Unlike the guards though, she doesn't seem to care and just wants to chat with Link.[1][2] Muava sits next to the Goddess Statue to keep it company, since she appears to be an outcast and most of the other Gerudo don't want to associate with her. She states that most of the Gerudo don't believe in the Goddess, so they don't often come to pray.[3]

While Muava is an elder woman now, she was once quite the traveler. She traveled all across Hyrule in search of the love of her life. She was in search of Lover's Pond, but was never able to find it. As she grew older, the men of Hyrule no longer would look at her with the same eye, but it doesn't bother her. She is happy that she was able to chase after her dreams and encourages Link to live his life to the fullest.[4][5]


  1. Sav'saa... ... What's a voe doing here... Surprised? You might be able to fool all the other vai around here, but you won't fool me so easily. Don't worry, though. It doesn't matter much to me what you do. But...since you came all the way back here, maybe you'd like to stay a bit and chat? - Muava
  2. Heheheh... It's such a treat to chat with a voe again. Will you humor me a little big longer? - Muava
  3. Oh, the Goddess Statue has been here since long before I was even born. No one here really believes in that stuff anymore, so they tend to avoid stopping here. Kind of like they avoid me... But someone has to keep the Goddess Statue company, so here I am... - Muava
  4. Oh ho, I may not look it now, but I was quite the traveler when I was young. Quite a beauty, too! It was a rare thing for a voe not to notice me come into a room. But...I had a fairy-tale notion in my mind. I'd heard of the Lover's Pond, and I thought I'd meet my true love there. I traveled all across Hyrule, searching for this fabled place. But I couldn't find it... And before I knew it, I'd grown old. The voe no longer turned when I walked in. Oh, don't look so sad! I stopped being sad about it a long time ago. And I chased my dreams! - Muava
  5. Just live your life to the fullest, little voe! - Muava