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Leekah is a character from Breath of the Wild who has knowledge about the creation of Elixirs.

Breath of the Wild

Leekah occasionally runs into trouble, being attacked by Bokoblin on bridges, including on the Horwell Bridge and Rebonae Bridge. She will be laying on the floor, having been knocked out by a Bokoblin. When Link defeats the Bokoblin, she will get up but will have an aching head.[1] Leekah enjoys watching the river flow by, which is why she risks coming out on these dangerous brides.[2][3]

When Link saves Leekah at the Horwell Bridge, she will run off to the Riverside Stable.

Tears of The Kingdom

Leekah returns, once again in trouble with Bokoblins. She can be found wandering between Riverside Stable[4] and Kakariko Village.

Like many others she is devoted to Cece. This is evident by her fungal inspired clothes and hat.


  1. Ughhh, my aching head... Why did I think it was a good idea to take this road? - Leekah
  2. I like watching the river flow by. Is that such a crime? Seeing the water stream so peacefully makes it hard to believe the Great Calamity really happened. Then monsters attack out of nowhere, and I think-oh, right. Time to head back to the stables! Ugh... Whatever. - Leekah
  3. Typical. Just typical. I try to have a day out, just watching the river go by, and now... Ugh. I'm going back to the stable. - Leekah
  4. When monsters are nearby, move carefully to avoid their attention. - Leekah