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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Foothill Stable and the Woodland Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Travels the road between the Woodland Stable and Bedrock Bistro

Karsh is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Karsh is a Gerudo traveler, who can be seen walking along the path, just south of the Foothill Stable, where she travels all the way to the Woodland Stable.[1] She can be seen wielding a Gerudo Scimitar and a Gerudo Shield, which she will take out upon an encounter with a monster. If Link defeats the enemies nearby for her, she will reward him with a meal or elixir.[2][3][4][5]

Karsh was once a master archer, as part of the Gerudo Town Guard.[6] However, since men are not allowed within Gerudo Town, she has left to try and find a husband out in the world.[7][8][9][10][11] Karsh seems to have some interest in the Gorons of the region. She comments about their toughness and their endurance, which are traits she seems to admire.[12][13] Karsh even seems to have a little bit of interest in Link.[14]

Karsh will comment about her surroundings. When she is closer to the Foothill Stable, heading towards Death Mountain, she'll talk about the heat that surrounds the area. It's so hot outsides, that she says that heat burns even more than at the Gerudo Desert.[15][16] She wishes that she brought some clothing that could withstand the burning heat. She wants to travel to the Goron Hot Springs, as she has heard that the place is great for your skin. However, the molten rocks that fall near Goron City, as well as the monsters that surround the area make it a very dangerous place to be.[17][18][19]

If at any point it begins to rain, Karsh will take cover at whatever location is nearby. She dislikes the rain, but thinks it's a good way to strike up a conversation.[20]

Tears of the Kingdom

Karsh can be found around the path between the Woodland Stable and the Ekochiu Shrine, where she also travels east to the Bedrock Bistro. She asks if Link is going to the restaurant at the top of the hill, or if he is just interested in her.[21] Karsh is interested in the roast that is popular among the Gorons lately. She plans on going to eat some, because she can't search for voe on an empty stomach. However, after trying some, she says the food isn't edible for somebody who isn't a Goron. She couldn't even manage a single bite.[22]

Despite complaining about the food at the Bedrock Bistro, she does travel back up the cliffside, saying she is planning on trying it once again. This time she hopes the food isn't as hard as last time she almost chipped a tooth.[23] When she is at the Bistro, she will comment about how some of the others, including the owner, are chowing down on the roast.[24]



  1. I've love to meet a voe brave-hearted enough to walk the road between the Woodland Stable and Foothill Stable. I don't know if a voe like that exists, but if he does, I'd be proud to walk at his side. Just the two of us... - Karsh
  2. I'm so tired of dealing with these monsters every day. - Karsh
  3. Those monsters... - Karsh
  4. Don't get careless. - Karsh
  5. I really thought the sands of my life had run out... Sarqso! Hey... It would be rude of me not to thank you for your help. So thanks. - Karsh
  6. Sav'otta! I'm Karsh of the Gerudo. Remember that name! I'm just a traveler now, but there was a time when I was a master archer in the Gerudo Town guard. I can't count how many times I stopped monsters from invading the town with a single, well-placed arrow. - Karsh
  7. Only vai are allowed in Gerudo Town, so I'm on a journey outside the town walls to meet a strong voe. - Karsh
  8. Only vai are allowed in Gerudo Town. Our laws are very strict about that. So the only way for us to meet strong voe is to go on a journey outside the town walls, like I'm doing now! - Karsh
  9. I run into voe from all sorts of races on the road. It's so thrilling to see how the rest of the world lives. - Karsh
  10. All I want is to find the voe I was born to be with. It doesn't matter to me which race he is. I wouldn't turn down a voe because his skin was orange or his neck had gills. This is true love we're talking about! - Karsh
  11. Once I've found the voe I was born to be with, I can get on with the rest of my life. - Karsh
  12. I run into voe from all sorts of races on the road. I like the Gorons a lot. I wish my hide was as tough as theirs! - Karsh
  13. It's been quite a while since I left home to go on this journey, but my passion hasn't gone down one bit. You know who else has endurance like that? The Gorons. Maybe one of them would be a match for me... - Karsh
  14. I came to Eldin from the Gerudo Desert, far to the southwest. I'm traveling in search of voe, but I haven't found any good ones so far. Until just now, heh heh. - Karsh
  15. I hear the heat on the roads around the volcano is unbearable. I wish I'd thought to bring some cooler clothes... - Karsh
  16. The only thing I wish I'd brought on my journey are some clothes that can withstand the burning heat. I hear it's unbearable on the roads around the volcano. Even worse than the desert air, if that's possible. - Karsh
  17. The molten rocks raining down from the volcano make the road from this stable to Goron City a dangerous trek. - Karsh
  18. If you go north of here to Goron City, there's a place called Goron Hot Springs that's supposed to be good for your skin. And you'll need to take good care of your skin, too, after the monsters on the way tear it to ribbons! - Karsh
  19. Goron Hot Springs in Goron City to the north is supposed to be good for your skin, but it's a dangerous trip to make. - Karsh
  20. Water should never fall from the sky! But I admit, it's a nice excuse to strike up a conversation with people. - Karsh
  21. "Are you going to that Goron restaurant? Or perhaps it isn't food you hunger for. Could it be you have an appetite for...me? Ahaha! I'm just joking. Please, no need to look so petrified. I just tried one of their roasts, and I have to say, it wasn't what I expected. In that I expected it to be edible. What a disappointment. Anyway, I'm sorry for teasing you." — Karsh, Tears of the Kingdom
  22. "What is it? Are you trying to ask me out to that restaurant? Well, I'm afraid you picked the wrong vai. Not to mention the wrong restaurant. The food there might make the Gorons swoon, but I can't manage a single bite of those roasts." — Karsh, Tears of the Kingdom
  23. "We meet again. You really want to ask me out to that restaurant, don't you? I'm going to try eating another roast at that restaurant. Hopefully this one won't be as hard to chew. Last time, I nearly chipped a tooth." — Karsh, Tears of the Kingdom
  24. "Look at that shop owner chow down. You can tell he loves the stuff. Me? I could scarcely make a dent in it. And to think I put off my search for voe to eat here. What a mistake that was." — Karsh, Tears of the Kingdom