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Flahva is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Flahva can be found peering down at the Chasm caused by the Upheaval, near Hyrule Castle. Even though standing next to the chasm scares him, he can't stop looking at it as it is quite intense.[1][2] If Link speaks with Flahva and asks about the chasm, it will startle him. He yells at Link, as if he got startled enough, he might fall down into the seemingly bottomless pit.[3] Flahva wonders if maybe Princess Zelda fell down into the chasm.[4]

Flahva is a member of the Monster-Control Crew, where he serves on Hoz's Squad. During the leadup to the battle, Bring Peace to Hyrule Field!, if Link tries to destract Flahva, he tells him to talk to the Captain.[5]


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