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The Beaver Race is a mini-game in Majora's Mask. It is operated by the Beaver Brothers at the Waterfall Rapids. The goal is to swim through a course with one of the Beaver Brothers while being timed and swimming through all the targets/rings. Link needs the Zora Mask to play it.


Race 1

The first race is against the little Beaver Brother (The orange beaver). He recognizes Link as Mikau, the Zora whose soul was trapped in the Zora Mask. He then tells Link that he (A.K.A Mikau) lost the race before, but he will give him an Empty Bottle, as long as he beats him in another race.

In the race there are 20 rings that Link has to swim through in under two minutes.

Race 2

After Link completes the first race, the little brother will call in his big brother (the yellow beaver). He will challenge Link to a second race, this time against him. This race has 25 rings that Link has to swim through in under two minutes. After winning this race the Beaver Brothers will finally give Link the empty bottle.

Race 3

After winning the bottle, if Link returns to the Beaver Brothers they will tell him that they don't have another bottle, but if he still wants to race, that is fine. The third race is against the little brother. It still has 20 rings but this time Link only has one minute and fifty seconds to finish.

Race 4

If Link wins the third race he will get to race against the big brother again. Once more, there are 25 rings, but Link has to complete the race in under one minute and fifty seconds. If he wins, the brothers will give him a Piece of Heart, hoping that will make him leave them alone.

TIP: When Link gets to a target, stop boosting, and take it slowly. This is the easiest way to mess up.