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M6 Adventure — Defeat the commanders of two armies! — lv.2[edit]
  • Details
  • Search
"A" rank
  • 1,200 or more KOs
  • 15 minutes or less
  • 4,000 or less damage taken
"A" rank victory
Igneous Hammer (Darunia)
  • Use a bomb on the central rock structure, 1 space down, 1 space right from center.
Battle victory
Access Treasure
Heart Piece (Darunia)
  • Capture the North Settlement
StageGerudo Desert
ElementHyrule Warriors Element Fire.png Fire
Special Rule
  • Defeat a valued enemy captain.
  • Take out a commander right away. The Icy Big Poe commander of the enemy faction will usually be nearest to your starting position.
  • Once a commander has been taken out, focus on the Manhandla Stalks. Capture as many Keeps as you can, then take out the enemy base of the commander you defeated first.
  • Once done, take out the other commander and capture their base. Do not take out both commanders right at the start, as that will cause everyone to charge the Allied Base.
  • While you're doing all of this, keep a close eye on Impa and the Allied Base. You will almost certainly have to assist them at some point. Not doing so will cause the mission to fail.