Aquamentis- 2-10 difficulty
Description- Aquamentis is a unicorn sort of thing with his horn as a weak spot.
Attacks- Run- Attacks by running into you. Fireballs- Aquamentis shoots three fireballs at a time.
How to defeat- Aquamentis, being the first boss, shouldn't be too hard. The easiest way to do it is just to wait until he wants to run into you. At that time move up and right when he comes by slash him. The other way is to run up to him and just slash him while dodging his fireballs (see attacks). He will be defeated after ten hits.

Dodongo- 2-10 difficulty
Description- Dodongo is a fire breathing lizard that also rams and uses his speed.
Attacks- Ram- Dodongo runs into you. Fireball- Breathes in air and shoots a giant fireball
How to defeat- Dodongo is considerably easy if you have the right timing. I suggest that you put bombs as the A control and power bracelet at B. You won't use your sword. Dodge any ram attacks (see attacks) he uses and wait until he is breathing in air. At that time throw a bomb in his mouth. Quickly grab him with your power bracelet and throw him onto the spikes. Repeat process until dodongo is defeated.

Mothula- 3-10 difficulty
Description- Mothula is a giant moth (I wonder how I guessed that) that shoots fireballs.
Attacks- Fireball- Mothula shoots fireballs at you while going around in circles. Butterfly bash (like that name)- Mothula stops and lets moths attack you. Fire circle- Mothula surrounds itself in fireballs.
How to defeat- This isn't very hard, even if you have never played this boss. Just slash at it while dodging the fireballs (see attacks). You can also attack when mothulas stopped. Make sure you don't fall off! After awhile, mothula should be dead.

Ghoma- 4-10 difficulty
Description- A crab monster that uses its claw and speed to its advantage.
Attacks- Run- Ghoma will run around trying to hit you. Claw grab- Ghoma runs up to you and grabs you, and then throws you around. Small monsters- Ghoma spits out small monsters to attack you. Good for items.
How to defeat- The only thing hard about Ghoma is getting out the claw because you can't get too close or Ghoma will use claw grab (see attacks). It would be good to get out your Pegasus seeds to get away quickly after you attack the claw. Once the claw is off, take out your slingshot and shoot its eye when Ghoma opens it. Kill the small monsters to get good items. Eventually she will die.

Digdogger- 5-10 difficulty
Description- A big blob that jumps around and can go into many small blobs.
Attacks- Jump- Digdogger jumps high or low on top of you. Run- Small digdoggers run into you.
How to defeat- The only thing hard about this boss is the little guys. Get out your magnetic gloves. You will not need your sword the whole time. Now attract the spiked ball so it hits the big digdogger. After about 5 hits it will break apart. Don't try your sword! Keep using the spiked ball so it runs over the little guys. Big digdogger will form back up again. Keep doing this until you kill all the little guys.

Manhandla- 6-10 difficulty
Description- A giant plant that grows flowers and shoots fireballs.
Attacks- Fireball- One of the flowers shoots a fireball. Normal- Manhandla runs into you.
How to defeat- You will not need your sword now. Take out your magical boomerang and hit the flowers that open up their mouth to attack. It takes three hits for each of them. You may want to use Pegasus seeds to run around quickly. Once you kill all of them, Manhandla will run around in a figure 8. Use your Magic boomerang and keep hitting it until it opens up. Now is the time to take out your sword and attack the middle. Goodbye Manhandla.

Gleeok- 7-10 difficulty
Description- Gleeok is a large two-headed dragon that uses fire.
Attacks- Crown fire- Gleeok shoots one fireball that explodes into a circle of fire. Fire row- Gleeok Shoots out a row of fire. Fireball blast- Gleeok shoots three fireballs at a time twice. Pound and smash- Gleeok will jump ut to pound the ground and knock you down, and then he will run into you.
How to defeat- The only thing that makes Gleeok hard is the first part where the dragon shoots a bunch of fireballs. You must get both of the heads off at the same time. I don't mean exactly at the same time, just when one of them is off you must get the other one off. Hit both of them several times so they are weak. Then take out one head, and while that head is going around take out the other one. Now Gleeok will turn to a skeleton. Get out your cape and jump before it uses pound and smash (see attacks). It will now stop for a moment, and run up to it and smash it once or twice with your sword. Get away before it runs after you. Now it will hit the wall and stop. Slash it again. Repeat process until Gleeok is dead.

Medelock- 6-10 difficulty
Description- A crazy haired wacko boss with laser eyes (I mean it).
Attacks- Laser eyes- Medelock will go to the top of the screen and use laser eyes all the way across. Fireballs- Medelock will shoot three fireballs then two. Petrifier- Medelock shoots out balls that turn you into a rock.
How to defeat- Medelock is actually pretty simple. Take out your cape and jump over her or when she tries to attack. When you have the chance, attack her as much as you can. Watch out for her laser eyes. Just jump over them.

Onox- 10-10 difficulty
Description- A metal armored beast.
Attacks- Rock fall- Onox phase will jump and make rocks fall. Spiked ball- Onox will throw the spiked ball at you. Twirly tornado- Onox will send six tornados after you. Blue fire- Dragon Onox will shoot blue fire at you. Swish slash swipe- Dragon Onox will put his hand on the ground and slide it so it hits you. Hand smash- Dragon Onox will smash his hand down on you. Fireballs- Dragon Onox will shoot a bunch of fireballs at you.
How to defeat- I definitely suggest that you have a potion to heal yourself when you die because this boss is hard. The first part isn't that hard. Powerup your noble sword and do a spin attack on him. It's good to use Pegasus seeds here. After about 7 hits he will send Din after you. Get out your Rod of Seasons and knock Din away. Do the powerup another seven times until you go to the Dragon form.
Dragon form- This is his much harder form. Get out your cape and jump on his hand when he tries to smash you with it. Now, jump again and slash at the jewel on top of his head. Try to make it to the other side of his hand so you can do it again. This guy, I think, takes fifteen hits. If your playing so you can battle twinrova, you do get a time to regain anything.

Twinrova- 8-10 difficulty
Description- Two witches that want to unite the three fires and sacrifice to make Ganon come back.
Attacks- Ice ball- Iverova shoots ice at you. Fireball- Firerova shoots fire at you. Firekeese- Firerova send bats on fire after you. Ice travelers- Icerova sends two or three spiked ice balls.
How to defeat- In the first part they are separate. All you need to do is stay on the bottom of the screen and hit the ice ball at the fire twin or the fire ball at the ice twin. It only takes three shots in all, and then they move to Twinrova.
Twinrova phase- Take out your scent seeds with the hyper slingshot. Now if you are on the fire place stay away from the lava when attacking her with your sword. After you attack her enough she will turn the two different colors, I'm not talking about when she's blinking. It's just before that. Use your hyper slingshot and shoot her with the scent seeds. After awhile, she will say the she is going to sacrifice herself to bring back the king of evil, Ganon.

Ganon- 9-10 difficulty
Description- The lengedary beast that rules in most Zelda games.
Attacks- Trident fire- Ganon pokes his trident out, then shoots three fireballs that break apart into another three fireballs. Trident Smash- Ganon smashes his trident into the ground to stun you, then he shoots a gigantic fireball at you, which is his most powerful attack. Trident slash- Ganon slashes you with his weapon. Fireblast- Ganon shoots one orb going slow followed by two faster orbs. Backwards field- Ganon turns the screen blue and makes your controls backwards, while shooting fireballs at you.
How to defeat- Here piggy piggy. Ganon is the last boss and is not as easy as he is in other games (if you know what I mean). The only way to hurt him is to powerup your sword and let go before he teleports. I'm telling you now that it will be a lot easier if you keep your cape as control B the whole battle to avoid attacks. If you are powered up and you use the cape you will still be powered up. Don't try to attack him while he is trying to do a trident slash (see attacks). After about 10 hits (I think, I'm not sure if I counted right) he will be dead. Enjoy the final ending, and if you want to play again get the hero's code at the end of the game.