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Octoroks are a recurring enemy in The Legend of Zelda series, being in every game except Twilight Princess. They highly resemble octopi from the real world (hence the name Octorok, meaning "eight"). They generally spit rocks, and have been found as both land- and water-dwelling enemies.[1]


The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, Octoroks are enemies all around the Overworld that shoot rocks at Link, dealing half a heart of damage. Also, upon contact, they deal half a heart of damage. They come in two colors, red and blue. The blue Octoroks take two hits to defeat with the Wooden Sword, as opposed to the red variety, which is defeated with only one swipe of the Wooden Sword.[2][3]

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, Octoroks once again come in two varieties.

Red Octorok

Red Octoroks are primarily found in the Caves and swamps of Western Hyrule, attacking by leaping in the air and spitting rocks at Link. Red Octorocks yield 10 experience points when defeated.

Blue Octoroks

Blue Octoroks are found in the deserts of Eastern Hyrule, on the path to the Mountain Town of Darunia, and on Maze Island. Link earns 20 experience points for destroying a Blue Octorok.

Game Data

Red Octorok
OctorokRed-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 10
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Caves, Deserts, and Swamps of Western Hyrule
Death Mountain
Combat Data
Blue Octorok
OctorokBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 20
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Deserts of Northeastern Hyrule
Maze Island
Combat Data

A Link to the Past


Octoroks in A Link to the Past are located in eastern Hyrule, near the Eastern Palace. There are two types of Octoroks in A Link to the Past. The first type is just a normal Octorok, which walks around in a random direction and stops if it sees Link and shoots a projectile out. The second type stops in a random direction and if it spots Link, it shoots multiple projectiles out in a circular fashion.

Despite their primary attack being the actual rock that they shoot out, simply contacting an Octorok does a full heart of damage, while the rock itself only does a 1/2 heart of damage. One swipe with the Fighter's Sword defeats an Octorok.

Link's Awakening

Octoroks in Link's Awakening appear all over Koholint Island and are some of the most common enemies in the game. If they spot Link, they shoot a rock in his general direction. They also appear in another form where they have wings, called the Winged Octorok. Winged Octoroks are less common than the regular Octorok, and even though they have wings, they can't fly especially well. If Link tries to charge at them and attack, they jump and float in the air for a few seconds.

Ocarina of Time

Artwork of Octorok from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask


Bounce back the rocks they spit
at you!

Octoroks appear as aquatic enemies in Ocarina of Time. For this reason, they are found in nearly any place that has water. They usually lurk under the surface of the water, but when Link gets within their range, they pop up and spit rocks at him. If Link gets too close, they retreat back into the water. They can be defeated with the use of any long-ranged weapon or by deflecting the rocks they spit, with either the Hylian or Deku Shield. The Mirror Shield destroys their projectiles instead of returning them.

A larger version of an Octorok called Big Octo is the mini-boss of Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Majora's Mask


You know about the Octorok,
right? All you have to do is
deflect that rock it spits out.

Octoroks in Majora's Mask are identical to their Ocarina of Time counterparts, periodically hopping out of the area in which they sit. They are not a hugely common enemy, but are present in nearly every region of Termina. These little enemies shoot rocks at Link when he is in range, which can be deflected by all Shields except for the Mirror Shield. Unlike in Ocarina of Time, these Octoroks take two hits to defeat. A new feature added to this game is that Octoroks can be made into floating platforms if frozen with Ice Arrows. They can be defeated with the Hero's Bow, or any projectile weapon.

There are bigger variations of the standard Octorok called a Big Octo. These large enemies block paths in the Southern Swamp when it is filled with poison. They can be defeated by either taking the boat ride and crashing into them, or using projectile weapons to attack them. They take only one hit to defeat. Big Octos suck Link in and spit him out, dealing a large amount of damage. Taking a pictograph of one for the Tourist Guide grants Link 20 Rupees.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

These Octoroks come in two colors, red and blue, and they still shoot rocks at Link. Red Octoroks are generally weaker and defeated with one hit of Link's Sword. Blue variations are stronger and take two hits.

The Wind Waker

Octoroks in The Wind Waker seem much larger than in previous 3D titles, but they can be defeated in much the same way. They are water-dwelling enemies that live in the Forest Haven, the Forbidden Woods and the Great Sea. They come in three different variations: Rock Octorok, Bomb Octorok and Big Octo.

Rock Octorok

The Rock Octoroks live in the Forest Haven and Forbidden Woods. Like their name implies, their only method of attacking is to spit rocks at Link when provoked. These rocks can be easily deflected by using Link's Shield, defeating them in the process. Link can also defeat them with projectile weapons like the Boomerang or the Hero's Bow. It is impossible to defeat them with just Link's Sword, as they dive under the water if he gets too close.

Bomb Octorok

Bomb Octoroks are only found in the Great Sea, though there are a large amount of them. As their name implies, they shoot Bombs at Link instead of rocks, which, naturally, cannot be deflected with the Shield. Link can defeat them with the Bow, the Boomerang, or simply using Bombs. Link could also just avoid them altogether.

Big Octo

Main article: Big Octo

Big Octos are much bigger than normal Octoroks, and also do not attack the same way. They are only found in specific areas around the Great Sea, and have either 4, 8, or 12 eyes. If there is a random flock of Seagulls flying around one spot in the sea, there is a Big Octo there. Once Link approaches one, a whirlpool surrounds him, and the Big Octo rises out of the water. The eyes can be defeated with either the Bombs, the Bow, or the Boomerang. Using the Boomerang requires the most hits, and the Bombs take only one. If Link is not fast enough, the Big Octo sucks him in and spits him out to a random island.

The Minish Cap

The Octoroks from The Minish Cap are much like the original ones. They are red and wander around in Hyrule Field. They shoot rocks at Link and can be dealt with by shooting arrows, bombing or just slashing them with Link's Sword. The boss in the Temple of Droplets is a normal Octorok, since Link was minimized the enemy appears to be huge.

On contact, the Octorok deals 1/4th a heart worth of damage. When the Octorok's rock projectile hits Link, it deals 1/4th a heart worth of damage.

Octorok-Figurine.png Appears in various areas. There are red and blue ones. They've appeared in every Zelda game to date. They spit rocks, so careful!

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, Octoroks return to their land-based appearance from The Legend of Zelda. They are small red ball-like monsters with four small legs and they move around on land, shooting rocks at random intervals. Some stay in one strategic place (sometimes unreachable, serving as more of an obstacle than an enemy) and shoot rocks forward at regular intervals. They can be defeated with any weapon, except the Boomerang which only stuns them. They are found throughout most of the game, but are present in large quantities in the Temple of Courage, where the bow is found.

Spirit Tracks

There are two kinds of Octoroks in Spirit Tracks.


These kinds appear in grassy areas and the Take 'Em All On challenge. They continuously shoot rocks and sometimes may shoot unexpectedly at Link while he is off-screen. They are easily defeated with Link's Sword.

Ocean Octorok

These appear underwater in the Ocean Realm. They may shoot ink at Link, causing them to mess up the map and leaving Link to clean it off. They can be defeated with the Cannon.

Skyward Sword

Octoroks are now land creatures and they seem to resemble their counterparts from older 2D Zelda titles. They also have some similarities to Deku Scrubs from previous Zelda games. Octoroks shoot rocks toward Link, but whenever Link comes close, they hide under patches of grass or rock. In order to defeat an Octorok, Link can deflect the rocks back by lunging his shield forward knocking the rock back towards the enemy. Link can also use the Whip to pull the Octorok up from underground for a short period of time, allowing him to slash away with the Sword.

Octorok (Grass)


Target lock: Octorok (Grass)

This monster descended from oceanic
mollusks. It has developed the
unsightly ability to spit rocks.

The creature prefers to sleep with tufts
of grass on its head, so it has learned to
take on the appearance of grass in
order to fool and defeat its prey.
You can use a shield to bounce the
rocks this monster spits back at it.

Octorok (Grass) are octopus-like creatures that hide beneath shrub-like camouflage. When Link comes close to the Octorok, it spits out a rock that can easily be deflected with a shield bash or with Link's Sword. They can also be defeated by using the Whip to pull them out of the ground, then slashing at them with the Sword.

Octorok (Rock)


Target lock: Octorok (Rock)

This monster descended from oceanic
mollusks. It has developed the
unsightly ability to spit rocks.

Inexplicably, this beast prefers to sleep
with rocks on its head. It camouflages
itself to surprise and defeat its prey.

You can use a shield to bounce the
rocks this monster spits back at it.

Very similar to its Grass counterpart, the Octorok (Rock) shoots projectile rocks at Link form a distance which he must deflect using his Shield or Sword. This version of the Octorok resides in the Lanayru Province. Unlike its counterpart, this Octorok has a mushroom-shaped rock atop its head, which it can hide under if Link ventures too close.

Octorok (Sky)

These pink Octoroks live in The Sky around Skyloft, dwelling on the floating rocks spitting projectiles at Link as he flies by on his Loftwing. These kinds are much bigger than their land-dwelling counterparts, and can be defeated by charging at them on the Loftwing.

Non-Canon Appearances

Link: The Faces of Evil

In this game, Octorok's are rather large octopus like creatures that live in Firestone Lake and Fortress Centrum. They shoot rocks out of their mouth toward Link. Octoroks patrol small areas, but always turn towards Link when he is nearby. They have a rather large defense, so it takes multiple sword slashes to defeat them. A better method is to toss a single Bomb towards the Octorok to defeat it. Octoroks always leave behind a valuable Blue Ruby as their spoil.

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Octorok can be found in only in Tykogi Tower. They look like and act the same as the did in Link: The Faces of Evil.


  • Beta Octoroks from a very early version of Ocarina of Time are similar to the original Octorok's design from 2D Zelda titles.

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