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BowWow is Madam MeowMeow's most prized and adored pet in Link's Awakening.[1] He is one of three Chain Chomps that Madam MeowMeow owns, being the watchdog of the three.[2] Unlike the Small Chain Chomps, BowWow is chained to a post outside the door of his owner's house in Mabe Village and isn't allowed in there.[3] He is treated by Madam MeowMeow similarly to how a Dog would be treated by humans, such as him being chained to a post in Madam MeowMeow's yard, Madam MeowMeow bragging about how nice BowWow's fur coat is,[4] and even the map telling passers-by to avoid the "Dog".[5] (more...)
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With the Triforce in the center surrounded by the Crests of the Goddesses, the pattern found on the Gate of Time displays its connection to the Golden Goddesses. The crests also reflect the Sacred Flames Link must find before opening the gate.

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