Spear Soldier

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Spear Soldiers are sub-types of Soldiers that appear in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. More fierce than the Sword Soldier, these enemies come in multiple variations, which is designated by the color of their armor.

The biggest difference between Spear Soldiers and Sword Soldiers, is that spear soldiers will do twice as much damage. This includes being attacked by the spear, or simply coming into contact with any part of the Spear Soldiers body.

Green Spear Soldier

The weakest of the Spear Soldier family, the Green Spear Soldier is first encountered within Kakariko Village. After Link has successfully rescued Princess Zelda and taken her to the Sanctuary, the Castle Guards will come looking for Link. If Link speaks to either of the two women that are patrolling in front of their houses within Kakariko Village, they will quickly run into their house and a Green Spear Soldier will come charging towards Link.

Since these are the weakest of the Spear Soldiers, just two sword slashes with the Fighter's Sword to defeat these enemies.

Red Spear Soldier

The red spear soldier is the fiercest of the soldier family. The red color designation gives it the most health, needing four strikes with the Fighter's Sword to defeat. The spear designation means that it will do a full heart of damage each time it hits Link.

After Link has defeated Agahnim for the first time and traveled to the Dark World, Red Spear Soldiers will start appearing throughout the Light World. In particular they are found within Kakariko Village and the Great Swamp.