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Skullfish are aquatic, piranha-like enemies that can be found in Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess. They resemble skeletal, undead fish.

A Link to the Past

Though they are never referred to by name, there are Skullfish that appear within in the certain areas of Dark World. They are counterparts to ordinary Fish that appear in the Light World. They will jump out of the water when Link throws a variety of objects into the water. Their appearance is that of a skinless fish, with only skeletons showing.

Majora's Mask

Skullfish appear in the Great Bay region of Termina. They are small skeleton fish that swim around in the water and when they spot Link, they will try to take a bit of him. Unlike traditional fish, Skullfish do not usually appear in groups, and instead, can be found isolated in parts of the ocean. Link is able to hear them coming towards him by the crackling or click sound that they make.

Skullfish are very to avoid, but they can be defeated with a wide variety of weapons. The easiest way is to use put on the Zora Mask and use Zora Link's Electrical Barrier attach, by swimming and pressing 'R'. If Link is able to stand on a flat surface he can defeat a Skullfish using his Hookshot or the Hero's Bow.

Many Skullfish can be found within the Pirates' Fortress where they are guarding some of the Zora Eggs that Link needs to collected. Since these enemies are in small contained areas, Link can stand above them and use projectile weapons to easily defeat them.

Link will also encounter a larger and more deadly form of a Skullfish known as a Desbreko. After Link is able to kill a Desbreko, many of the surrounding Skullfish in the area will die instantly.


Isn't that a Skullfish?
Look, don't ask me about
everything, all right?

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Skullfish appear in the Lakebed Temple. Like in Majora's Mask, they will follow Link and try to attack him by biting him. These creatures tend to appear in small groups. They are easily defeated using the Clawshot or the Hero's Bow. Since Link has limited speed and abilities while underwater, Skullfish are much easier to defeat with project weapons from the surface.

Link can use his Fishing Rod to catch a Skullfish, but they are considered forbidden fish and they are not recorded within Link's Fish Journal.[1] However, the game does keep a hidden record of the biggest Skullfish that Link has caught. These fish are some of the easiest fish to catch and each time Link catches one, they will leave behind a Recovery Heart for Link to collect. Since Link cannot keep the fish, it will then flop around on land and they are very easy to defeat.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Skullfish are named Sukarugyo, which is a combination of the word fish, and the English derivative of the word skull.
  • A similar looking enemy known as Bago-Bago appears in The Adventure of Link


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  1. "You caught a skullfish! It looks stronger than it is... This fish is forbidden, so it won't be added to your fish journal. Release it with [A]." — NA, Twilight Princess.