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Lynels are centaur-like beasts that have the body of a horse, the torso of a human, and the head of a lion. They are common enemies within The Legend of Zelda series, having appeared in five games to date.


The Legend of Zelda

Lynels make their debut in The Legend of Zelda. They continuously send out sword beam projectiles toward Link. They are found across the northwestern section of the Overworld. They come in two color varieties; red and blue. The blue Lynels have twice as much health and deal twice as much damage than the red Lynels.

A Link to the Past

Lynel appear exclusively atop Death Mountain while in the Dark World. Since they are on the path located between Turtle Rock and Ganon's Tower, these enemies are not encountered until very late in the quest.

Lynels in A Link to the Past have similar traits to their The Legend of Zelda counterparts. They once again shoot out projectiles toward Link, but this time in the form of fireballs instead of swords. Fortunately, these fireballs aren't too damaging, doing only one heart of damage to Link when Link has the Blue Mail on. Link's Fire Shield isn't quite enough to deflect these fire attacks, but Link's Mirror Shield will do the trick. Simply coming into contact with a Lynel is more damaging, doing two full hearts of damage to Link when he wears the Blue Mail.

Link can defeat a Lynel in a variety of methods. His standard Master Sword will have no effect on these fearsome beasts. If Link has acquired either the Tempered Sword or the Golden Sword, then his sword can do damage. Alternatively, Link can hit a Lynel with his Master Sword, but only by performing a Spin Attack.

Link can also defeat a Lynel with three hits from his Magic Hammer, but this requires him to get very close. The other alternative is to shoot a single Silver Arrow to defeat one of these creatures.

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Lynel in the Oracle of Ages are identical to their Oracle of Seasons counterparts. They are found exclusively within the Sea of No Return, located just outside the entrance to the Ancient Tomb.

A Link Between Worlds

The Lynel returns from a long absence in the sequel to A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds. They can be found on Death Mountain, in both Hyrule and Lorule. They are easily the most dangerous enemy, as they deal four whole hearts of damage per hit. The best way to defeat them is to use the Ice Rod to stun them, and then go over and slash away with the Captain's Sword or Master Sword.

Breath of the Wild

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Non-Canon Appearances

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Animated Series

The Legend of Zelda Comic