Ice Rod

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Ice Rod
Ice Rod.png
Artwork from A Link to the Past



Lake Hylia's shore


Freeze enemies


"Ice Rod
After Sahasrahla gives Link the Pegasus Shoes, he tells him to get a strange and mystical weapon called the Ice Rod which is located to the east of Lake Hylia. Link must travel south of the lake and then up and around to the lake's northeast corner. Link will be able to see a cave entrance, but just to the left of that entrance is a pile of loose rocks. Bomb through the rocks to reveal another entrance.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

"An icy blast flies out from the Ice Rod. It freezes enemies solid."

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

"Once frozen, Link can pick up an enemy and throw it to destroy it."

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide
The Ice Rod is a weapon that appears exclusively in A Link to the Past. When Link uses this weapon, it shoots out a blue beam to freeze the enemy, but it consumes some of Link's Magic. It is found on Lake Hylia's shore inside a cave to the east.

Despite Link being able to acquire the Ice Rod before even entering the Eastern Palace, the item isn't required until near the very end of the game. Link will need the Ice Rod in Turtle Rock when battling against the dungeon boss, Trinexx.