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Magic Hammer
Artwork from A Link to the Past




"Magic Hammer
Using the Magic Hammer, Link can drive stakes down into the ground. He can use it to pound on other things, too-like enemies! The Magic Hammer can deliver a powerful blow.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

"A Powerful Blow
There are plenty of enemies who can be destroyed by using the Magic Hammer. The only drawback to using it is its range of motion. It's very short.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

The Magic Hammer is infamous for reappearing, but it always seemed to have a different name. It was trusty and despite its name never actually used any magic.



It is first called the Magic Hammer in A Link to the Past. It is found in the Dark Palace (A Link to the Past) and can be used to help defeat that level's boss, the Helmasaur King. It is useful for killing enemies, flipping them over by pounding it on the floor, or penetrating their shells with direct hits. It also works for whacking down "mole heads" and flattening other various things blocking Link's path, such as certain fence posts. Its main limitation is its short range.

Aliases and Appearances

There were many names for this hammer since it appeared in a plethora of the games. These names include:


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Magic Hammer

Megaton Hammer

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  • Ocarina of Time: Placed in the Fire Temple, it was used to beat the Fire Dragon Volvagia. Darunia was concerned about not having it when he went to go fight Volvagia himself, but eventually Link was able to find it and beat Volvagia.

Skull Hammer

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