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Deadrock are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past, Four Swords Adventures, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.



A Link to the Past

Deadrock first appear when Link makes it to Death Mountain within the Light World. They will move back and forth rapidly, with their primary form of attack being to simply run into Link. When they are first encountered, Deadrocks cannot be defeated by usual methods. Any attack from Link's Fighter's Sword will cause the Deadrock to turn into a stunned statue momentarily. While in this form, Link cannot defeat the enemy, but it will at least stop moving, along Link to move around it.

The only way to defeat these creatures early on in the game is to use Magic Powder on them. Sprinkling powder on the enemies will cause them to turn into Slime, in which they can then be defeated by an assortment of weapons.

Four Swords Adventures

Deadrock appear only in Death Mountain Foothills. Their behavior and abilities are the same as in their A Link to the Past incarnations, and they can either be destroyed by crushing them with the Moving House, or with the Magic Hammer.

A Link Between Worlds

Deadrocks again appear in the Nintendo 3DS game A Link Between Worlds. Similarly to their A Link to the Past brethren, Deadrocks are again found on the foothills of Death Mountain. Hitting them with Link's sword causes them to be stunned. After a while, it regains focus.