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Official Artwork of Hinox from A Link to the Past.




A Link to the Past
Dark World

Link's Awakening
Bottle Grotto
Eagle's Tower
Turtle Rock

Four Swords Adventures
Death Mountain Foothills
Palace of Winds

Phantom Hourglass
Dee Ess Island
Goron Temple

Hinox is an enemy appearing in four Zelda titles; A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Four Swords Adventures and Phantom Hourglass.



A Link to the Past

Hinox are one of the first enemies that Link encounters when entering the Dark World. First found near the Pyramid of Power, these one-eyed monsters have the ability to toss Bombs.

Hinox will move around rather slowly, but if they make eye contact with Link, they will charge in his direction. Even when the Hinox is charging, it doesn't move too quickly, so Link will have some time to react. While the Hinox will toss Bombs out randomly, if Link strikes the Hinox with his Master Sword, the Hinox will immediately turn in his direction and toss a Bomb.

These massive enemies are quite durable and will take a number of strikes to defeat. Link will need five direct swipes from the Master Sword to defeat them. Link can use its own power against them, defeating them with a single bomb strike. One might think arrows would work against these one-eyed creatures, but Hinox will need five direct strikes from the Bow and Arrow before he goes down.

The bombs that Hinox throw at Link will only do one heart of damage. However, if Link makes physical contact with the Hinox, three hearts of damage will be done to Link.

Link's Awakening

Hinox makes an appearance in Link's Awakening, as the Mini-Boss of the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto. This version of Hinox is almost the same as the A Link to the Past version as far as attack style and visual appearance, although he may seem a little larger in Link's Awakening. Later, a red and blue Hinox appear as the Mini-Boss of Eagle's Tower and Turtle Rock. However, the behavior and strength of these two Hinoxes are the same as the first Hinox in Bottle Grotto.

The Hinox is more difficult than his Link to the Past counterpart due to the smaller space you usually face him in. He basically throws bombs at you which are somewhat damaging. The easiest way to defeat him is the boomerang if you have it. Also, arrows can do a good amount of damage and should be bought by the second level when you first encounter him. Feel free to fight fire with fire and use bombs against him which is equally effective. Lastly, your sword will simply do the trick taking a few hits. By the time you face him later on, you'll probably have a powered up sword or the boomerang.

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, the Hinox appear on Death Mountain Foothills as one eyed ogres. They throw Boulders and shake Force Gems out of Link. There are a total of 23 Hinoxes, 20 of which can be defeated by entering a nearby cave obtaining the Quake Medallion and throwing it on them. The Hinox later appears in the Palace of Winds.

Phantom Hourglass

Main article: Eye Brute

In Phantom Hourglass, Link encounters the Hinox, also known as the Eye Brute, in Dee Ess Island and Goron Temple. Unlike previous incarnations, the Hinox is now blue and its ponytail rsembles a fuse of a bomb. The Hinoxes attack Link by either throwing bombs at him or punching Link. Also, if Link throws a bomb at a Hinox, it will catch the bomb and throw it back at Link. Link can not attack the front side of the Hinox with his Sword until it is stunned. The Hinox can be stunned if Link shoots the Hinox in the eye or use the Boomerang on the back of the Hinox. Once stunned, Link can attack the Hinox for a brief moment.