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Business Scrub
Business Scrub from
Ocarina of Time




Caves, Dungeons, Grottoes, and occasionally overworld

Business Scrubs are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They will attack anybody that approaches them by spitting out a Deku Nut, because it's a tendency they have. If you, however, deflect the nut back onto them, or defeat them in any other way, this will cause them to attempt to do business with or offer advice to Link. They tend to offer items such as Deku Sticks, Arrows, Bombs, Potions, charging a little bit more than a local stores would.


Ocarina of Time


Business Scrub...
If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass...

Business Scrubs are found in dungeons and Grottoes, where they sell Link a variety of items which you can usually find at stores, but at higher prices. A Piece of Heart can be bought from one Business Scrub. The only way to buy things from a Business Scrub is to deflect their Deku Nuts back at them with your shield.

Majora's Mask

Business Scrub (Majora's Mask).png

This is the only Zelda game in which Business Scrubs don't appear as enemies in any capacity. The Business Scrubs are found throughout Termina, and are initially found in their Deku Flowers, until Link gives them what they desire. There is one Business Scrub found in South Clock Town, who yearn for a Moon's Tear. If Link gives the Business Scrub the Moon's Tear, he will give Link a Title Deed in return. Link can trade the Title Deed to other Business Scrubs and in return Link receives a Title Deed to trade for the subsequent Business Scrubs.

Oracle of Ages

Business Scrubs appear in various places throughout Labrynna. At first glance, a Business Scrub will appear as a normal bush until Link approaches it. They will then pop out of the ground and offer to sell Link different items that are usually way overpriced compared to finding the item in a chest, bush, or simply buying it from a shop. Dr. Troy of Lynna City refers to these characters as Business Scrubs.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, there are two variations of Business Scrubs. One type are identical to their Oracle of Ages counterparts and will immediately offer to sell Link various goods. However, there are some Business Scrubs that are similar to their Ocarina of Time variations, where Link will first need to defeat the enemy. Link can use a Shield to deflect a rock back at the Business Scrub, stunning it in the process. The Business Scrub will then plead for his life and offers to sell items to Link.

The Minish Cap

Business Scrubs are found throughout the overworld regions of the game and it is the very first enemy encountered in the game. Link can use the Small Shield to deflect the nut back towards the Business Scrub to defeat him. After Link defeated them, they will offer him their wares. Some Business Scrubs sells Link important items like the Grip Ring, which is needed for climbing up rocky walls.

Link is able to fuse Kinstones with all of the Business Scrubs that he encounters. The Business Scrub in Castor Wilds will fuse a Blue Kinstone with you, which causes thorns to be removed that are covering a tree in the Minish Woods. This will lead Link to finding another Business Scrub who sells expensive kinstones.

All the other kinstone fusions are Green Kinstone fusions with the rest of the business scrubs. However, there is one random Red Kinstone and a random Blue Kinstone fusion that Link can fuse with almost any character, including the business scrubs.

# Location Item Cost
1 North Hyrule Field Access to Hyrule Castle --
2 Trilby Highlands Bottle 20 Rupees
3 Mt. Crenel Base Information --
4 Mt. Crenel Base 10 Bombs 30 Rupees
5 Mt. Crenel Grip Ring 40 Rupees
6 Castor Wilds 30 Arrows 30 Rupees
7 Minish Woods Kinstone 200 Rupees
Business Scrub
Business-Scrub-Figurine.png Appears in caves, etc. Normally stay underground. They'll pop out and spit seeds at you, but if you get to know 'em, they're not so bad.