It’s finally over.

After what seemed like several years worth of time in the last 365 days, we’re finally leaving the year 2020 behind us — a year that began with such promise and potential, but didn’t turn out the way anyone expected. As well as offering a big congratulations to everyone for simply making it through the year, we wanted to celebrate with one of our favorite annual traditions here at Zelda Dungeon: laying bare our hopes and dreams for our beloved series in the new year.

Now of course, everybody wants some Breath of the Wild 2 news (or even a release date) in 2021, so we ignored that and went a little deeper. Here you’ll find hopes of remakes, ports, celebrations, media, and more in the original words of our writers, straight from the source. Enjoy our list, and make sure you let us know what’s on your wishlist!


Judy Calder – Retro Zelda Paraphernalia

2021 has the potential to please Zelda fans the world over. We have so much to look forward to, especially with anticipation for Breath of the Wild 2. My hope that this particular title will be released this year aside, celebrations for The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary are bound to be in order. I want to see a huge build up to that event with different sales and Nintendo hosting Directs that lead up to a big retro-inspired surprise! It would be awesome to see the Zelda Game & Watch, pixels and all! I also want to get my hands on the Zelda Watch itself. Finally, I want to have the opportunity to play the CD-i games. I’d be delighted with a port of those cult-classic titles to Switch, and even more so if Nintendo gave the games an update to make movement more responsive. Unfortunately I’m almost sure that Nintendo won’t ever acknowledge these gems, which is a pity. I live in hope though!


Emi Curtis – Bring Back Promotional Disks!

One of my biggest regrets was selling off my Legend of Zelda Promotional Disc that came with pre-ordering The Wind Waker: the disc with a collection of classic Zelda games with a number of fixes included and a retrospective video on the Legend of Zelda series. I would absolutely love something akin to this in order to have the whole Zelda classic collection in one single place. I’d be happy even if it was just the promotional disc re-released even, a way to have it for modern hardware in the same neat format with a couple anniversary goodies included to make it special.


Sean Gadus – Give Us An Officially Licensed Skyward Sword OST!

Skyward Sword has one of my favorite scores in the entire Zelda series, but it is impossible to legally purchase the original soundtrack on CD or digital download! While games like Twilight Princess, Breath of the Wild, and Link’s Awakening (on Switch) all have received lavish soundtrack releases in Japan, Skyward Sword has not been given this same treatment. This is a huge disappointment because the game has some amazing original songs like “Romance in the Air”,  “Fi’s Theme” and “Song of the Hero”, along with my all-time favorite arrangement of “Zelda’s Lullaby.”  My hope is that, if Skyward Sword is re-released in 2021, the game will receive the soundtrack release that it always deserved, one that can remind people how great its music truly is.


Hannah Rogers – More DLC For The Other Hyrule Warriors Game

In 2021, I wouldn’t mind seeing more DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, even though it’s definitely not the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo’s focusing on right now. I adored the variety of characters in the previous Hyrule Warriors, and I would love to see something like a “Sages of Time” pack with Saria, Nabooru, and Rauru to complete the collection of sages, or maybe some new bosses and or skins for the game itself to mimic the style of another title. More than anything in this vein, I would love to see an option to replace the music with remixes of favorite tracks in the Zelda series. I feel like “Molgera Battle” was definitely the strongest track in the game, and I would love to see more classic music, as opposed to the soundtrack we got that was totally contrary to the feeling and style of Zelda.


John Piland – A New Take on a Zelda Symphony

It’s high time we have a new “concert.” The last concert I saw was in 2017 was nice, though nothing particularly special in comparison to the one I saw the year before. The Breath of the Wild segment at the end was nice, though nothing overly special. Since then, we now have two new Zelda titles in Cadence of Hyrule and Age of Calamity, as well as the release of the Champions’ Ballad DLC and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, meaning there’s plenty of new content for the composer(s) to work with in addition to rearrangements of older tunes. What’s more, samples for any new games coming out that year could be a possibility. Given the current state of the world, a traveling orchestra would be unwise, but I see no reason why Nintendo couldn’t create an album to release on CD, online, and perhaps even vinyl to celebrate 35 years of The Legend of Zelda. This is something that would be both profitable and likely fun for those working on it, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.


Jacob Thompson – Zelda Gets Animated

I would love to see a remake of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons in the same style as 2019’s Link’s Awakening for Switch — it’s the perfect opportunity to rework some of the “Linked” elements of the originals for a modern system. Outside of the games, I’d actually be really interested in a Zelda animation project. EmberLab’s Majora’s Mask short Terrible Fate proved that such a thing could actually be pulled off well, and watching their animated announcement trailer for Kena: Bridge of Spirits just made me wish they could produce a Zelda feature-length film even more! Nintendo have experimented with their Pikmin shorts, so why not try something grander for Zelda’s 35th anniversary?


Alexandria Weber – Bring Back The Minish Cap!

I think it is entirely possible that the Zelda series will be getting the same treatment for its 35th anniversary as the Mario  series did this past year, in that there was a Switch release of three hallmark 3D Mario  games in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Although that would be a wonderful thing to have more Zelda titles on the Nintendo Switch, I actually would be more excited if Nintendo brought attention to more underrated Zelda games, in particular The Minish Cap. I don’t often hear appreciation for The Minish Cap within the fandom, and I think it deserves more time in the sun. I think it is a pinnacle of 2D Zelda, that The Minish Cap  is a well-crafted and engaging Zelda  game that doesn’t get enough credit for how well it has aged. I believe that The Minish Cap would fit the Nintendo Switch very well, with similar controls to how it worked on the Virtual Console for the Wii U. I would love to undergo such an invigorating adventure once again.


Charles Xavier – Fix The Timeline (Again)

I’d be so happy if 2021 ended up as the year that ported a good portion of the remaining main-line Zelda games to the Switch. I’m not expecting any kind of anniversary collector’s edition, akin to Super Mario 3D All-Stars; I’m thinking more like Switch Online massively expanding its library of available games so that most of the series has a home on the Switch. I could settle for the addition of Game Boy or Nintendo 64 games, and all the Zelda titles that would come along with those updates to the service. I want to be spoiled this year though, and to do that Nintendo simply needs to do one thing: solidify Breath of the Wild‘s placement on the Official Timeline, or release a statement that it’s going to be left up to the interpretation of the players. Either one will satisfy me because it will determine the kind of Zelda theorizing that can be expected from this decade.


Heather Beard – A Solution to Skyward Sword‘s Motion Controls

I would like to see Skyward Sword ported for the Switch. It’s one of the few Zelda games that I have not been able to play, and I would love to get the chance to play it without the frustration of motion controls. I thought the motion controls were finicky and annoying; for me it made the game difficult to play. If the game were ported over to the Switch the option for motion controls could be used like how they are in Breath of the Wild. It wouldn’t be the sword motions or holding a control up, but it could be used in a directional sense like how the apparatus shrines or aiming an arrow were done in Breath of the Wild. I could also see the motion controls being bound to the D-pad or control sticks when it came time to move them. Also, with the Switch’s Joy-Cons being detachable, one could still enjoy the original gameplay by holding a Joy-Con in each hand. I think it’s doable both ways, but I would love the option to just go without them all together.

It was the motion controls that ruined the game for me, so I would like a chance to play without them. The story, it being the beginning of the Legend, has always enticed me, but not enough for me to give the game another go. I just found it too cumbersome, and honestly tiring to play holding a controller in each hand. It’s the game’s 10 Anniversary and it would be an awesome time to see Skyward Sword ported over for the Switch — with optional motion controls.


Alexis Anderson – That One Elusive amiibo

All I want is a Marin amiibo, that’s all. It seems like we’ll be getting new Zelda and Ganondorf Super Smash Bros. amiibo sometime in the future. But, despite her inclusion in Hyrule Warriors and the release of Link’s Awakening for Switch, we have yet to be blessed with a Marin amiibo. I for one will never stop hoping! She could have functionality in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition providing rupees, Link’s Awakening for more Dungeon Creator chambers, and even Super Smash Bros. to unlock her Spirit. She could even be functional in Breath of the Wild 2, maybe to give Link a new weapon inspired by the Bell she uses in Hyrule Warriors. Come on, Nintendo; it’s time!


David Lasby – Hyrule Augmented Reality

I really want a Zelda augmented reality (AR) dungeon builder in 2021. Let me explain; recently, I purchased Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and was blown away by Nintendo’s ability to transform any household environment into a fully immersive, interactive Mario Kart raceway, capable of tracking red shell attacks, customizable checkpoints, and computer AI players. This got me wondering what Nintendo could do with the same AR + camera equipped RC unit for The Legend of Zelda.

Imagine, for a moment, that instead of a Mario or Luigi camera-equipped RC car, Nintendo gives us a remote controlled Link, something with wheels that can move in a similar fashion. (Link riding Epona or striking a heroic pose on a rectangular base would work). Instead of cardboard race checkpoints, the Zelda starter kit would include cardboard treasure chests, room icons, and enemy markers. Just like Home Circuit, when the Link camera aligns with these objects, the AR kicks in and transforms the family room or kitchen floor into the Forest Temple from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or even a classic dungeon from the NES original. Players could endlessly arrange these home-made dungeons to explore alone, challenge a friend, or even unlock new features. I believe the technology is ready, and this would be an exciting, albeit non-conventional way of dungeon crawling in my favorite video game franchise.


Andrew Millard – Switch Up the Marketing

I have a two-part wish for Zelda that starts with Nintendo’s marketing strategy: Could they please take a cue from the best moments of their Direct Showcases and narrow the window between a major game’s announcement, its trailers, and its actual release date? The trickle feed on Breath of the Wild 2 is agonizing. I think only Elden Ring or Metroid Prime 4 can compare at this point. I personally would rather not know about major projects more than a year out from their release window. The other side of this marketing coin can be equally annoying, though: bombarding fans with repetitive updates when said game is still a long way off. Really, Zelda and Metroid seem to be the exception to Nintendo’s own hype machine rules. So, the second part of my wish is: I would go bananas if they suddenly announced a new mainline Zelda game that is neither a remake nor connected to Breath of the Wild; and that it would be in our grubby hands within two years!


Ryan Jenson – The Redemption of Chamber Dungeons

Despite the mixed reception from the community, I loved the Chamber Dungeon feature from Link’s Awakening Switch and would love to see a fully fleshed-out Chamber Dungeon game in the vein of Super Mario Maker. It could be entirely based off of the 2D Zelda games and have different graphical styles based off of The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, The Minish Cap, and even Link’s Awakening Switch. Each style could offer different bosses like the Armos Knights, Dodongos, giant Chu-Chus, and other bosses from each game along with allowing players to use items from specific games like the Gust Jar and the Red/Blue Candle among others. They could even add a multiplayer mode and have certain rooms from Four Swords and Four Swords Anniversary that require the use of multiple players to advance. It would be a good celebration and retrospective of the series for this year’s 35th anniversary.


Brittany Lindstrom – 35th Anniversary Stuff!

Like many others, I think seeing what Nintendo did for Mario’s 35th anniversary set the bar high. As wonderful as re-releases of games would be, I want to see something entirely unexpected. Nintendo blew us away with the Mario Lego collection as well as Super Mario Land for Universal Studios. So, I want that “wow” factor treatment for Zelda this year. Something that we, as fans, have never really thought of. Maybe a line of professional-grade instruments available for purchase? Or wool tunics to keep us warm during our adventures? Whatever Nintendo does, I just want it to be a bit frivolous and over the top!


David Nystrom – Zelda in New and Exciting Media

I would love to see Nintendo take a risk and expand their marketing strategy for the franchise. By that, I mean I want to see them branch out into other forms of media with the Zelda IP. Manga are great, but how about an anime or feature-length film? Give us a Netflix series a la Castlevania (probably not as dark, but I honestly wouldn’t say no to that either). What about a novelization of an existing game or a book to fill in backstory about what happens between Breath of the Wild and its sequel? What I want out of the Zelda series in 2021 is more ways to consume the franchise I love so much.


Michaela El-Ters – A New Link to the Same Past

I’m one of those people who played A Link Between Worlds before A Link To The Past, and I was optimistic that a remake of A Link To The Past would come in the near future. After all, A Link Between Worlds is excellent! So it’s been a surprise to me that we’ve had no word on a remake for A Link To The Past. My hope for this coming year is that we get a remake of this beloved game on the Switch. Something in particular that I think would be fun for the remake would be more collectible Medallions. I thought the spellcasting in A Link To The Past was super fun, so maybe you could collect Medallions that conjure a tidal wave that pushes away enemies, or a Medallion that could boost your Defense for a short time. Nintendo could take a page out of Chrono Trigger’s book and allow for unique Medallion combinations that could have devastating effects. Either way, being able to add another Zelda game to the library of games I can play on the go would be fantastic.


Alasyn Eletha – Keep the Dark Horse Books Coming

I really like collecting when it comes to the Zelda series, especially if there is any kind of book involved. In the last ten years, we’ve been spoiled with Zelda content in a book format. I’m talking about the manga, the Dark Horse collection, art books, music books, and of course, beautiful collector’s edition guides. However, in the last two or so years, this particular medium feels as if it has slowed down, especially when it comes to the guidebooks. My hope for 2021 in regards to Zelda, is that this isn’t a permanent decline. I specifically want to see the glorious guidebooks make a return. With Breath of the Wild, there was something like three or four editions to choose from! With so much potential for Zelda content to be released this year, there are plenty of opportunities for more pristine guidebooks to land on my bookshelf!


Alison Brunyee – Embrace the Zelda Community

For the 35th Anniversary, it would be great to see some more direct interaction between Nintendo and the Zelda community as a whole. An online Q&A, convention style, with members of the design team old and new. Every Zelda fan has questions, and this would be the perfect year to reveal all! In this age of apps and smart technology, access to fans across the world has never been easier. Competitions, in a similar style to the Link’s Awakening one from Nintendo UK would be good. If it could tie in with the release of a new Zelda title that would be even better. Perhaps one lucky fan could even be redesigned as an NPC in the game? Having seen the “Power Up Bands” from Super Nintendo World, some Zelda-themed ones would be welcome. Having exclusive events to scan or download goodies would be intriguing. Anyone remember the Mew download events for Pokemon back in the day? There could be codes for free games, soundtrack downloads, and beautiful wallpapers. How about an exclusive new weapon for Age of Calamity or a Game and Watch LCD version of The Legend of Zelda?


Brandon Schmitz – Twilight Princess Master Quest

The original Legend of Zelda and Skyward Sword aren’t the only games celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, as 2021 also marks 15 years since the universe was graced with Twilight Princess. Not only that, but it’s also been five years since the release of its Wii U upgrade — already?! Honestly, the older I get, the faster life moves. In any case, for as enjoyable as Twilight Princess HD’s Hero Mode is, I would love for a hypothetical Switch version to bring something meatier to the table.

It’s about time another entry received the Ocarina of Time Master Quest treatment, and what better game than the one that many consider to boast some of the most memorable dungeons? To see these iconic locales reworked and made more challenging — you know, beyond simply increasing enemies’ damage output — would be an absolute delight. Additionally, one of the common criticisms levied against Twilight Princess is the limited use of certain items. Modifying the dungeons would grant the developers the opportunity to give these items more time to shine. You know you’d love to see this, too!


Bryan King – Embrace Randomizers

The one thing I personally want out of Zelda would be a full remake of my personal favorite Zelda title, A Link to the Past. They already have engine created from their time with Link’s Awakening and A Link Between Worlds, so why not? I’d give Nintendo more of my hard-earned money for another romp through Dark Hyrule. Or, maybe perhaps they don’t remake the game at all, but rather add in a randomizer feature that has been growing in popularity as of late? It doesn’t even necessarily have to be A Link to the Past, but I do like the idea of Nintendo bringing their own version of that trend to the table for everyone to enjoy.


Samantha Reynolds – A Second Chance for Phantom Hourglass

For 2021, there’s a lot I’d like to see from the Zelda franchise. Like others, I’d like to see Skyward Sword ported to the Switch, so maybe, just maybe, I’d consider playing the game in its entirety. I also have another wish from the developers: I’d love to have a remastered Phantom Hourglass, playable on the Switch. I feel that Phantom Hourglass is a polarizing game in the community, but after spending countless years of my childhood with my teeth sunk into it, I still stand by my love and passion for this game. In the remaster, I’d like to see the clunky touch screen mechanics become completely obsolete. There really aren’t any reasons for there to be touch screen controls, other than to utilize a big selling point of the Nintendo DS. I’d also like there to be fast travel options for the Temple of the Ocean King. The temple and the touch screen mechanics are, what I believe to be, the biggest points of contention for players. Without these aspects of the game to annoy its players, I think so many more people would fall in love with this lighthearted and whimsical sequel!


Andy Spiteri – Four Swords Adventures Online

I would absolutely love if Nintendo revived Four Swords Adventures as a piece of downloadable software, playable online. The game could be sold for 30 bucks and not require the use of Game Boy Advance controllers, which would give this Zelda title a new lease on life. The tradeoff for this would be each player would be able to go into the smaller “GBA” screen on their switch, which means that there couldn’t be local co-op play using one “master screen” where one player can be on the small screen and the rest on the big screen like the original does; that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make. If they could figure out a way to make local co-op work, cool, but if they can’t… whatever! It’s 2021, who plays local co-op, am I right? This is an incredibly underrated title that plays great, looks timeless, and probably requires little work other than modernizing how multiplayer works. People constantly dump on Nintendo’s Switch Online service — what better way to to silence the critics than by releasing a killer app?!



There it is! The collective minds of Zelda Dungeon put their minds together and came up with some great ideas. But of course, we want to know what YOU thought of our suggestions! Anything sticking out to you? Anything you absolutely do not want to see come to fruition in 2021? Will this finally be the year we see Breath of the Wild 2 again? Let us know in the comments below!

From everyone at Zelda Dungeon, we’re wishing and yours a healthy and happy 2021

Andy Spiteri is the Editor-In-Chief of Zelda Dungeon. His actual wish for Zelda in 2021 is for his cat Zora to stop scratching his new couches. Follow him and the rest of the Zelda Dungeon staff on Twitter here!

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