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Zunari is the small Eskimo that has his own shop inside of a stall on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. He didn’t always live on Windfall Island, he used to live on a very cold island somewhere. He wishes to have a successful shop in Windfall, but isn’t having too much luck. His first sale was when he sold Link the sail for his boat, and from then on considers Link a valuable customer. His first sale is motivation for him to help out the Joyous Volunteer Association, an association whose goal is the fill up Windfall Island with flowers. Zunari tries to get his business going by selling the flowers needed to spruce up the town. The only thing Zunari actually owns himself is the blue and white coat he always wears. When he does not have his hood up, you can see that he has what little hair is left in two small pig tails tied with bows on either side of his head. Zunari also gives Link the Magic Armor if he makes a Merchant’s Oath with at least three Traveling Merchants on random islands. Zunari also runs the nightly auction inside the House of Wealth.