Water Tektite

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Water Tektites are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series first appearing in Link's Awakening. Unlike Tektites, this varation is found only on water, gliding across the surface of water. A similar enemy known as the Hover appears in A Link to the Past .


Link's Awakening

Water Tektites first appear in Angler's Tunnel, the fourth dungeon of Link's Awakening. They attack Link by sliding into him while atop the water. Water Tektites are relatively weak and can be defeated with one hit from any of Link's weapons such as the Sword, Hookshot, Magic Rod, etc. Since Link can't attack the Water Tektites while he is swimming, he should wait at the edge of the swater until the Water Tektite comes within range. Lnk can also defeat these enemies from a distance. Link can also dive to avoid them entirely. Later, Link encounters the Water Tektites in Catfish's Maw and Face Shrine.