Ricky's Gloves

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Ricky's Gloves are items in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. They are a set of boxing gloves that belong to the kangaroo Ricky. After the gloves are returned to him in either Oracle game, he will allow Link to ride in his pouch.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Ricky's Gloves are found on the beach south of Lynna City near a tree. Once Ricky's Gloves are returned, he will agree to help Link reach Tingle.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Ricky loses his gloves to the Boxing Champion Blaino. Ricky then asks Link to win back his boxing gloves from Blaino. After Link challenges and defeats Blaino, he will receive Ricky's Gloves. When they are returned, Link will become friends with Ricky.