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Hey! Listen! Welcome to our Wiki, TheRizardon!
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We're glad that you signed up so that you can edit, build, and shape the Zelda Dungeon Wiki! Before you start editing, why don't you check out some of these useful links and read these basic rules?

  • Edit your settings. Make sure you have set up your settings to make the wiki work the way you want it. We have a bunch of customizations that we have spent time creating, and we hope that you utilize them to the fullest.
  • Please treat all members with respect. We don't want to have to ban someone because there is an issue between our users.
  • Use wikicode and link templates when making edits to properly format pages. Use templates often to save on coding everything.
  • If you have some questions, instead of sitting around doing nothing, ask our administration team. They won't bite.
  • Head to our help page to find some links to helpful pages that will teach you how to do many things on the wiki.
  • Read the FAQ to find the answers to a few common questions.
  • Please use proper grammar and strive for good edits.
  • Always sign talk pages with four tildes (~~~~). This will automatically sign the page with your username and date.
  • Use talk pages to talk about edits on pages. Do not participate in editing wars (i.e. editing a page over and over again to make the page what you think it should be rather than what another member thinks) as they are counter productive and will not solve the problem. Use the talk pages like they were meant to be used.

We hope that you enjoy your time here on the Zelda Dungeon Wiki and that you will help us make lots of really good edits. Keep in mind that the administration team will be watching for quality editors to bring them on to our site staff.

Do you have any initial questions? Feel free to ask on one of our staff talk pages.

Thanks again for joining! Can't wait to see you around!

-- 12:18, July 30, 2012 (CDT)

Hey, bro, just a heads up link significant items in your Wiki contributions to their respective pages using the [[]] code. I hope I'm not minimodding although this is a Wiki and if so forgive me. A LINK IN TIME 17:19, September 17, 2012 (CDT)

When making pages or edits...

Going off of what A_LINK_IN_TIME said, when you make a page be sure to use Infoboxes. You can find a variety of Infoboxes here. In addition to creating pages, make sure you use categories. For example: {{Cat|The Minish Cap Items}}. You'll want to include the "Game Name" and category it falls into such as items, locations, or even dungeons. Not every page will need a category, and not every page will need an Infobox; that's fine. Also, if you feel a page could have more information added to it in the future, you can list it as a Stub by using {{Stub}}.

Next, the pages you edit/create will always have a large box at the bottom of it. Use this to your advantage, it's there to assist you. Another thing, make sure you only link something once (links can be made with [[ and ]] wrapped around the text you want to link). For example: "Tingle ran across the field. Afterwards, Tingle ran inside a house". See how Tingle was mentioned twice but only linked once? That's what I'm getting at. Another tip: the first time you mention the title of a page, make sure it's in bold. Any other time bolding the title of the page every other time it's mentioned is deemed unecessary. Finally, always make sure that the page you are about to make doesn't already exist. I've made this mistake a few times, I'd recommend you don't do what I did. Be sure to search the page and confirm whether it exists or not before creating any page.

I hoped this helped you out a bit. Thanks for editing the Wiki! We really appreciate it! Atticus 17:41, September 17, 2012 (CDT)


Wiki articles should be written in third-person perspective. That means that you should try to avoid using "you" whenever possible. For example, instead of "You find something", it should be "Link finds something" or "Something is found". We're describing the information itself, not its relation to the player. Thanks for your effort. << Locke(T·C) >> 08:58, September 26, 2012 (CDT)