Mayor Plen's House

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Mayor Plen's House






Mayor Plen's House is a location marked in the center of Lynna City within Oracle of Ages. Inside the house, Link finds Plen, the Mayor of Lynna City. Link can speak with the Mayor, who gives Link some history about Lynna City.[1]

On the right side of Mayor Plen's House, there is a Treasure Chest on the higher ledge. This treasure chest contains a Magical Ring, but it can only be reached by using the Long Hook on the pot that is in front of the treasure chest. When appraised at Vasu Jewelers, this magical ring becomes the Green Luck Ring.



  1. "I am Plen, the mayor here in Lynna City. Lynna has a long history reaching back hundreds of years. Back then, it was Lynna Village-- not a city." — Mayor Plen, Oracle of Ages.