Luminous Stone Gathering

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Luminous Stone Gathering





Give Ledo (10) Luminous Stones


(2) Diamonds
Unlocks the ability to exchange (10) Luminous Stones for (1) Diamond from Ledo


To begin the quest, Link will need to appease the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Link doesn't need to complete the Divine Beast just yet, but as soon as rain no longer pours down on Zora's Domain, Link can begin the quest.


To begin the quest, speak with Ledo. He is a repairman who during the daytime, can be found right at the entrance of Zora's Domain. He is a green-skinned Zora and can be seen with his hammer and chisel. He is repairing Zora's Domain, after the damage that the Divine Beast Vah Ruta has done. However, he needs some Luminous Stones in order to complete the repairs.[1] He asks Link to find 10 of them, and suggests searching at the Upland Zorana, located just northwest of Zora's Domain.[2]

Luminous Stones are numerous all around the world and in a natural playthrough, it is very likely you will come across numerous deposits. The nearest to Zora's Domain is just to the northwest at the Upland Zorana. Link can use the Zora Armor to swim up the waterfall just north of Zora's Domain to quickly reach the area. A quick tip is that if you've completed the Slated for Upgrades Side Quest and have the Sheikah Sensor +, you can take a picture of one of the Luminous Ore nodes. You can then set it as your Sensor+ target for help in finding more of them.

After collecting 10 stones, bring them to Ledo and he'll count them out.[3] As a reward, Ledo will give Link two Diamonds.[4] This will complete the quest, but Ledo does tell Link that if he can bring him ten more, he will give him an additional diamond.[5]


Quest Description

Step Description
Ledo asked you to bring him ten luminous stones to help rebuild Zora's Domain.

Apparently there's a place in Upland Zorana where they're pretty common.
You gave Ledo 10 luminous stones to aid in the repairs to Zora's Domain.