Kakariko Crypt

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Kakariko Crypt



Shadow Link (as Zelda)
Shadow Zelda (as Link)
Darknut (as Skull Kid)


Various undead enemies


Kakariko Crypt is a mini-dungeon in Cadence of Hyrule.

Kakariko Crypt can be found in the graveyard in Kakariko Village, accessed by pushing the headstone at the far back. Although the dungeon is optional, it is strongly advised when playing normal Story Mode, as it will help with the boss battle with Octavo. Like the other mini dungeons in Cadence of Hyrule, Kakariko Crypt has only one floor. However, unlike other mini dungeons, the reward and boss are predetermined, and the boss chamber is locked.

The boss of the dungeon is set to be the shadow variant of the character the player chose not to wake. Defeating the boss rewards the player with the Hibiscus Potion, an item used to wake the other character. However, if the game is in Single Character Mode, the boss drops three Diamonds instead, since the Hibiscus Potion would have no purpose.

In Symphony of the Mask mode, the boss is a Darknut, which rewards Skull Kid with the Darknut Mask.