Hasty Carrot Stew

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Hasty Carrot Stew





Hasty: Temporarily increases Link's speed



"Grants a [x]-level movement speed boost. This simple stew sat simmering for a long time to bring out the sweetness of the carrots."

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

Hasty Carrot Stew is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

If Link cooks Tabantha Wheat, Fresh Milk and Goat Butter with an Swift Carrot in a Cooking Pot, he will create Hasty Carrot Stew. Eating this will increase Link's movement speed for a time specified after cooking. Cooking under a Blood Moon may increase this effect, either in potency or duration.

Adding a Endura Carrot will cancel this effect out, leaving a plain Carrot Stew, while other clashing effects will also remove the Hasty effect. There is no benefit to doing this. Adding a Rushroom. Swift Violet or Fleet-Lotus Seeds will still make a Hasty Carrot Stew.

It is impossible to have a Hasty Carrot Stew with more than a "low-level level movement speed boost" without a critical success, either randomly or from the Blood Moon - doing so would require five Swift Carrots, or one Swift Carrot plus two of either Swift Violet or Fleet-Lotus Seeds, more than the recipe allows.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
Swift Carrot.png Swift Carrot
Tabantha Wheat.png Tabantha Wheat
Fresh Milk.png Fresh Milk
Goat Butter.png Goat Butter

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