Flux Construct II

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Flux Construct II is an Overworld boss that appears in Tears of the Kingdom. It will be encountered in its arena either in a static pillar shape in the center, with its eye surveying its territory much in a similar manner as a Beamos, or actively walking around in its primary Humanoid form.

Tears of the Kingdom

Like other Flux Constructs, the Flux Construct II consists of many different blocks, one of which is an energy block containing a rotating two-eyed mechanism that serves as the weak point. This version of Flux Construct functions very similarly to the Flux Construct I, with the main difference being that it possesses more health and hits for more damage. These Flux Constructs occasionally have a Zonai Treasure Chest stuck to their shoulder at the beginning of the battle. Despite the boss' otherwise impenetrable exterior, all of Link's primary abilities are useful during this boss battle, with the fight design encouraging experimentation and open-ended approaches. The individual blocks on the Flux Construct can be removed with Ultrahand and Fuse, causing the Construct to collapse into a pile for a short time after enough are removed, or instantly after the energy block by itself is pulled apart from it. Ascend can also be used to jump up through the Construct, allowing Link to attack the energy block directly with melee weapons if it can be accessed in that region. Arrows are particularly useful in this battle, as Link can target the energy block and repeatedly hit it with arrows until the Construct collapses. During these moments, Link is able to freely attack the Construct's energy block until it is defeated or until it regains its composure and re-assembles. From there, the Flux Construct's body will shapeshift into different forms over the course of the battle.

The easiest and most predictable form the Flux Construct will take is its base Humanoid form, in which it will attack by stomping around, attempting to pound Link with one of its fists or by reassembling itself directly in front of Link and slamming the ground with both fists. It will idle in place following the lattermost attack, leaving its energy block vulnerable to attack or separation until it decides to move again.

The second form it will take, usually when down about a third of its health, is a hovering plane high above the ground with two blocks on top of it. From here, the construct will attack by launching rows of its blocks at Link either all at once or one block at a time. If the energy block is placed within the plane formation, Link should easily be able to hit it directly with arrows until the Construct either shifts form or collapses. If the energy block is placed as one of the two blocks on top however, Link will have to find a way to navigate himself on top of the Construct, either by using Recall on one of the launched blocks, Ascend to directly jump up through the Construct, or by using Zonai Devices to navigate his way to the top to easily access and attack the energy block until the Construct collapses.

The third and usually final form that the Flux Construct will take is that of an animated cube, usually anywhere below half to the last third of its health. In this form the Construct will attack by rolling in any direction at an increased speed, attempting to crush Link in its path, or by levitating and attempting to slam onto Link from the air before resuming its earlier movement. In this form, the energy block will be more difficult to target in a static location, as it will either be on one of the rapidly shifting sides of the cube or even inside the cube itself, requiring some form of removal of at least a few of the blocks in order to deal continued damage no matter what location the energy block is in. Pulling the energy block out directly will end this phase fairly quickly, allowing the collapsed Construct to be vulnerable to the final few attacks needed to defeat. Upon death, Flux Construct IIs drop a medium-sized pile of Zonai Charges, an assortment of Zonai Devices, and a Flux Construct II Core; A static, non-collectible fusible material that synergizes very strongly with Zonaite weapons.