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"A monster that mimics a tree, found throughout the forests of Hyrule. These imposters are hard to differentiate from the genuine article, making it easy for them to team up and pounce on unsuspecting passersby. Because the species shares characteristics with trees, it can be chopped down in much the same way."

— In-Game Description

An Evermean is an enemy in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

These enemies appear as normal trees, only revealing themselves as enemies when Link turns his back to them or he gets too close. To attack, it will attempt to get close to Link and slam its trunk down on top of him. They are slow to attack, and can be easily ignored when dealing with just one. They will, however, follow Link for a long time while he is still nearby.

When defeated, they may drop a wide variety of rewards, ranging from Beetles to Golden Apples to Monster Extract. Most commonly, Link will find Hightail Lizards, Acorns, and Chickaloo Tree Nuts. Additionally, they will appear as a log and can be chopped up to get some Wood.