Diving is Beauty!

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Diving is Beauty!



Acquire the Zora Armor


Speak with Gruve at Zora's Domain


Dive into the water and swim back up the waterfall.


Diving is Beauty! is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


After acquiring the Zora Armor, speak to Gruve in Zora's Domain to accept the quest.


Using the ledge, right where Gruve is standing, run over and jump off the ledge. When aimed at water, the jump will automatically turn into a dive. Gruve will be impressed, but he will then want to see Link swim up the waterfall. Swim towards the bottom of the small waterfall and with the Zora Armor equipped, press the button when it appears on screen so that Link will swim up the waterfall. Then speak with Gruve to earn your reward of 5 Fleet-Lotus Seeds.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Gruve wants to see a beautiful dive and asked you to perform one.

Everyone knows a feetfirst dive isn't all that beautiful, so dive in headfirst.
You performed a beautiful dive, and Gruve was most pleased, but now he wants to see you climb the waterfall.
You climbed the waterfall as requested, and Gruve was simply blown away.

Pay Gruve a visit to hear is final assessment.
Your diving and waterfall climbing was so beautiful you made Gruve's very soul flutter with a mighty vigor.