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Hey! Listen! Welcome to our Wiki, Misstapkat!
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Moving Pages

Just a heads up, next time you see a page with an incorrect title, use the "Move" button at the top of the page in the dropdown menu next to the history button. Use the form it gives you to move to a correct page. Citing a reason that the title was incorrect. If the wiki won't let you move the page, create a talk page for the relevant article mentioning the problem, and we'll handle it.— Emma (Talk) 10:38, March 16, 2017 (UTC)


Hi Misstapkat, did you know that you can directly uploads images from the Wii U and the Switch it gives you better quality images. Benoit934 (talk) 07:32, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

You can use UsendMii software or directly open the wiki upload page from the WiiU when you are in-game Benoit934 (talk) 00:32, March 20, 2017 (UTC)
Just a further reminder to you, reply to these talk posts on the same page they start, do not go over to the other user's page to reply. It makes impossible to follow. And indent your replies like I did here. Unless it's been intended five or six times already, then the next reply should have no indent and the intending starts over for new replies. Then sign your posts on the same line as the end of your post with four tidle symbols like this ~~~~, which you can also get by clicking the second button from the right on the toolbar above the edit form, and do not manually type your name. It breaks indenting if you don't and makes it hard to follow which post belongs to whom.— Emma (Talk) 00:42, March 20, 2017 (UTC)

Removing Seeds

Why did you remove seed 067 from Hylia River? Next time you feel like a seed belongs to a different landmark there's a three step process

  1. Update the seeds file so the 'nearest landmark' is correct
  2. Cut the code from the old landmark (if it's there)
  3. Add/paste the code into the page for the newly assigned landmark

Other option is to just leave it, of course. Thanks! Thortok2000 (talk) 16:13, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

Are you sure you're talking about 067? 067 links to Hylia River.

Thortok2000 (talk) 20:20, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

Alright lol but I still don't understand why'd you remove 067 from Hylia River. Just lost track of which seed you were working on? Thortok2000 (talk) 21:38, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

Hey, great work on updating the Korok seed section of the wiki. Do you have discord? If so, you should add me and you can join the rest of the Wiki team in a chatroom so we can communicate easier. My username is BlackRayquaza98#9741 BlackRayquaza98 (talk) 17:03, March 21, 2017 (UTC)

Pretty sure this person's already on discord. But I may be confusing with the other Mist. If so, definitely agree getting on discord would be helpful. =D Thortok2000 (talk) 17:05, March 21, 2017 (UTC)
I'm not familiar with discord, but I'm up for joining it!Misstapkat (talk) 18:34, March 21, 2017 (UTC)

Great job with the pictures! Just a couple notes:

  1. - Don't use _2 filenames. Save these for situations where you need more than one picture. This just overloads the wiki server for no reason. Please stick to the original. (Do however switch to png if you're replacing a jpg or jpeg.)
  2. - Don't have Magnesis active when the picture is taken. It shades everything red and looks really bad and sticks out. I understand how useful it would be, particularly for underwater metal stuff, but try to find a different way (like labeling with red boxes, even if it's not visible in the picture.) This is where text description overcomes the lack.
  3. - Don't do two pictures in one. We've relaxed the "one per seed" rule however it's still only one on the map, and all subsequent pictures go in the long description.
  4. - Don't replace a picture just to replace a picture. If you're showing more of the terrain and stuff to make it easier to find, great. If it's better weather or a time of day, great. But otherwise let the first claimer keep the glory, alright? Try to improve upon the picture in some way. Only a couple of the pics so far appear to be no improvement, but just be careful.

Otherwise I really want to emphasize that MOST of your pictures are GREAT and to please keep doing them. I don't want the few criticisms to discourage you. You had far, far more awesome pictures than bad ones over the last few days, so please keep it up! Thortok2000 (talk) 19:25, July 28, 2017 (UTC)

Hey (talk) (talk) ! Just to respond to these points
  1. 1 The only reason I started doing that was because the wiki was not responding to a new version of an uploaded picture. No matter how many times I refreshed the page the new picture didn't take. If there is a way to fix or go around that issues, I'd gladly hear it! That was just the easiest way I could think of to solve the problem, but if there's a better way I'm all ears.
  2. 2 I finally figured out how to make boxes and lines in my picture editing app, so I've been trying to avoid using the magnesis as much to show where a box is.
  3. 3 For adding those pictures, do you just add another box on the main description page?
  4. 4 I've been trying to only upload pictures that I thought were an improvement rather than just the same picture. For pictures that were similar, my goal was probably to add a little more landscape. Were there any ones in particular that you thought were not an improvement, so I know what you're looking for in the future?

Thanks for the feedback! It's been fun adding pictures to this page, since it's been a while since I've done so. I looked at some of my original pictures from back in March and had the "what was I doing?!" thought a few times with the quality or framing. Misstapkat (talk) 01:03, July 29, 2017 (UTC)

1 - This is an issue with cache. The site caches the image so it will look like it's another copy of the previous picture but if you give it like 15 minutes to an hour it'll truly be the new picture. Just trust it and be patient. You can manually refresh the cache of the site if you absolutely want to see it sooner, but that's usually not worth the time. Just submit your picture and give it time.
2 - Your boxes and lines look even better than mine x.x very good job!
3 - Haven't actually done one of these yet so there isn't a standard to follow yet. Just make it look good and keep in mind over 70% of our users are MOBILE and looking at like a 4 inch screen at best. Keep it simple, small, and well organized. If you come up with something that looks good, we may make that the standard. I liked your "two pics in one" idea except for the mobile're making each picture smaller and harder to see because they have to both fit on screen at the same time. So for now, only the first picture goes in the 'summary' section (for short description), all other pictures go in the long description. (In the short description you can say "for more pictures for this seed, click Korok Seed above" if you want.)
4 - Whenever I reject/revert I try to leave feedback about why so none come to mind specifically but feel free to check the feedback.
Thortok2000 (talk) 13:27, July 31, 2017 (UTC)

Also, please stick with the png format instead of uploading a new jpg of the same name, if at all possible. It makes it easier to keep track of versions. You shouldn't have to edit the page at all, just upload a new version of the file over the old. Editing the page should only be done to change the descriptions/instructions or to add additional pictures. Thortok2000 (talk) 13:38, July 31, 2017 (UTC)

Another great batch of pictures! Didn't have a single complaint. Be aware though that one of our editors is going through and using the 'bonus outfit' (described on the map page in the how to update korok seeds section) so when they get to your seeds, pictures may be overwritten by the person wearing the bonus outfit (if all else equal). If you're going to be taking lots more korok seed pictures, maybe go for the bonus outfit yourself? [Here's the link].

Also, one more quick note: Shrine walkthroughs intentionally do not include information about the contents of chests, except where that content never varies (armor pieces). In every other case, the contents have a base item that will upgrade depending on the player's gametime. For that reason, they aren't included in the walkthrough. Where you can add tips or tricks or methods, feel free, but all your edits of contents have been reverted, so no need to waste time adding them! Thanks again! Thortok2000 (talk) 15:26, August 3, 2017 (UTC)

Great pictures, yet again. Couple more notes - 1: If the original time of day is daylight, try not to replace it with a night time picture. The bonus outfit is great, but technically I should be reverting back to the daylight ones. If someone submits a daylight picture with the outfit, it would replace yours. 2: Your red boxes could be a little thicker. By the time they shrink down to thumbnail, you can barely see them. I typically use 5 or 6 pixels thick on the original image. (I could be confusing you with the other person submitting if so sorry. =P) 3: In discussion on discord, we decided to update the outfit standard for areas with temperature requirements...that way the outfit shows the temperature requirement. Check it out! Thanks again! Thortok2000 (talk) 17:57, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

Regarding day/night for Koroks, I agree that in some cases, such as the fairy lights, they show up better at night. Currently the standards just say "a better time of day" and leave it at that, it doesn't actually specify what that time of day is. The point is we don't want a dark, hard-to-see picture to replace a bright, easy-to-see picture. So sorry if my last comment implied "daylight always wins" cause that's not what I meant (although that is pretty true most of the time though). Good feedback, though! Thortok2000 (talk) 13:29, August 24, 2017 (UTC)