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Good job with that table. But eventually we'd like to remove a vast majority of those links so they won't take up so much space in the infobox. They're only there until the website page is better than the corresponding wiki page(s). So, for example, when all the LoZ character descriptions are higher quality than those on the website, then we'll remove the link to the LoZ Characters page. Right now I'm thinking about organizing a "project" to cover this. So for now, let's just leave them there. We can use them as a sort of checklist as things get done. << Locke(T·C·P) >> 20:21, June 8, 2012 (CDT)


Thanks for doing some clean-up on my stuff~ I just started learning how to use the wiki so it's nice to see the adds made more uniform, I was going to go back though everything I made: but it takes so long to get stuff posted that you beat me to it. Also, thanks for the naming updates; I only used the old names that we used 10+ years ago, I didn't find some of the enemy names even though I thought I flipped through all the ones on the wiki. FYI: I'm still adding things to the pages and categories I started working on, I'll upload missing images for LttP tomorrow and then redo my sprites all at once by using an auto script in photoshop. (I didn't know the gallery here would force them to double. Argh) Melora 03:10, June 17, 2012 (CDT)