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I'd like to help out here as soon as I figure out what I can really do... I'm still learning how to use Wikis so I'll probably start with some stuff people will care about less but I actually know a little about, such as random goodies from A Link to the Past or Link's Awakening. I'm a crap writer, so I'll probably just copy text from the guides if I want to add anything of the like. Otherwise it will all be art and plain details from me.

My Site: History of Hyrule
My Gallery: DeviantART

Admins and other users:
If I make typos or spelling mistakes, please understand that I am literally incapable of seeing them. Please express patience with me; This is not an excuse, I am extremely dyslexic. I will always try very hard to catch them, I'm quite sensitive to the issue and work very hard to prevent it from being a problem, but it is scientifically impossible for my brain to "see" its own written mistakes when it thinks I have typed something correctly. It takes about a week before it resets and I can see what is wrong with my own writing (so I can not simply wait and come back to my entries.) No amount of pointing out spelling mistakes will change how it is wired; it's a part of my DNA.

By all means let me know if I am doing something else incorrectly though. I want to help, not be a pain.