Tokay Traders

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Tokay Traders
Outside the Tokay Traders Shop



Tokay Merchant



The Tokay Traders is a shop found at the northeast corner of Crescent Island within Oracle of Ages.

When Link first arrives at Crescent Island, the Tokay will steal all of his items, several of which will end up being found at the Tokay Traders. The Roc's Feather and Power Bracelet will both be available at the Tokay Traders, but Link will also be able to trade-in in his Shovel to get either of the two items.

After Link has recovered the Seed Satchel, he can trade Mystery Seeds to get back Roc's Feather for good. Later on, Link will plant the Scent Seedling on Crescent Island in the Past. When he returns to this spot in the Present he will find Scent Seeds. Link can then use these Scent Seeds to get his Power Bracelet back for good.