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Syger is the mini-boss of the Unicorn's Cave in Oracle of Seasons. It is a tiger-like creature capable of curling up into a spiked ball. When Link first enters the room, Syger drops down from the ceiling in a ball form. It then turns into its normal form and starts moving. Link can only attack it while it is in its normal form by hitting its tail with his sword. After a moment, Syger turns into a spiked ball and starts rolling around the room in various patterns. If it comes into contact with Link, it takes away half a heart of damage. Link can dodge this by jumping with Roc's Feather. Eventually Syger turns back to normal, and the process repeats. Link must hit Syger's tail eight times with the Wooden Sword in order to defeat him.

After Syger is killed, it turns into a Fairy and a portal back to the beginning of the dungeon appears. The doors open and Link can then proceed into the next room.