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The Sliding Puzzle is a mini-game from Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker.

Ocarina of Time

In the Forest Temple, one of the Poe Sisters, Amy, is defeated by completing a sliding puzzle. Link must shoot the portrait of Amy with an arrow, making five blocks fall from the ceiling, and then slide four of the blocks together to create an image of Amy. If the blocks are put together within one minute, Amy will appear and proceed to battle Link similarly to the other Poe Sisters.

The Wind Waker

A sliding puzzle appears in the Cabana of the Private Oasis. To access the Cabana, Link must first acquire the Cabana Deed. There are many different images that Link can create, starting with a picture of Zill. There are sixteen panels in all, indicated by the number of bulbs on the left side of the puzzle. Each time one is solved, one bulb lights up. They are slid around a square area in order to re-create the picture found on the opposite wall of the Cabana. The butler calls this game "the amusements of nobility". The prize for completing each puzzle is 50 Rupees. The prize for completing all the puzzles is 200 Rupees. This creates a grand total of 950 Rupees to be won. Once all the puzzles are solved, the game starts over from the beginning.