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Benja (Merchant Leader)

Robsten is character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Robsten is a Hylian merchant who can be found patrolling around outside at the Kara Kara Bazaar.[1][2] He alongside the caravan merchant, Benja, have traveled to the region in hopes of selling some of their goods in Gerudo Town. However, they have since found out that only women are allowed into the town, which has caused Robsten some frustration as he has traveled a long way.[3] Benja has traveled to the town to try to negotiate a way into the town, but he hasn't come back yet.[4] The problem of not being able to travel to Gerudo Town is amplified by the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, who is causing sandstorms and lightening strikes in the area, making it difficult to travel almost anywhere.[5]



  1. Hey... Um... You're...? - Robsten
  2. Oh, I see. Well, we're merchants. - Robsten
  3. We wanted to make it to Gerudo Town to sell our goods, but we were stopped before we could go in. They only let women into that town... And to think we came all the way out here... - Robsten
  4. Our leader went to Gerudo Town to try to figure out how we can get inside... But he hasn't come back yet. I imagine he isn't having a ton of luck... - Robsten
  5. Male merchants can't go to town, and most travelers can't go farther because of the Divine Beast... So close, and yet so far. Nothing has described Gerudo Town more accurately. Our caravan leader went to Gerudo Town to negotiate, but he hasn't come back yet... - Robsten