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Amira (Wife)
Ivee (Daughter)
Azu (Son)

Pruce is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Pruce is a resident of Hateno Village where he lives with his wife Amira, daughter Ivee, and son Azu. The family owns the General Store, the East Wind. While Amira, Ivee, and Azu will all sleep upstairs in the beds, Pruce remains awake, 24-hours a day working behind the counter at the East Wind.

Pruce will spend the entire day looking at the shelves behind the counter unless Link talks to him, at which point he will walk up to the front counter to engage with Link.[1][2] Like any shopkeeper, Link can purchase items from him by walking up to them and selecting them, or he can sell Pruce some items from his inventory.[3]

Pruce and his family are a pretty typical family in Hateno Village.[4] Pruce tells Link that everyone in Hateno is pretty friendly, so he shouldn't be too shy about striking up a conversation.[5]

Pruce's shop sells a wide variety of items, including arrows that are handmade by Pruce.[6]



  1. Oh, a customer! I didn't even hear ya come in. Sorry about that. I trust everything is as I left it? - Pruce
  2. Alrighty! So...what can I do ya for? - Pruce
  3. If you wanna buy something, just walk right up to it and select it. - Pruce
  4. You wanna know who I am?! Well, you can just call me Pruce. I'm the shopkeeper of East Wind here. I've got a wife, daughter, and son. We're much your typical family. - Pruce
  5. Everyone here in Hateno Village is pretty friendly, so don't be shy about striking up conversation with the locals. - Pruce
  6. This is the general store, East Wind! We're open and we are PEPPY! We carry all sorts of goods-from the freshest produce to my father's handmade arrows! We have lots of things in stock, so pop your head in there and take a look! - Ivee