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Pruce (Husband)
Ivee (Daughter)
Azu (Son)

Amira is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Amira is a resident of Hateno Village where she lives with her husband Pruce, daughter Ivee, and son Azu. The family owns the General Store, the East Wind, and they sleep in the beds located in the stores second story. Amira is rather unfriendly, always annoyed when Link tries to talk to her and is always gossiping with her friend Nikki.[1][2]

Each morning, Amira will wake up at 5am and takes her laundry to get washed at the water trough. She will chat with Nikki and get very annoyed with Link if he eavesdrops on their conversation.[3][4][5][6]

Link is able to sneak up behind the structure with water and listen in on Nikki and Amira's conversation. They speak about Purah, the director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. They mention that a little girl can be seen running in and out of the lab, unknowing that this is in fact the direct. Nikki seems to hint that it could be the director, but it is impossible given her young appearance.[7][8][9]

Nikki and Amira will remain here until 9pm each night, at which point Amira will then return home. Even when she is on her way home, Amira is annoyed by Link trying to speak with her.[10][11]



  1. ...What? Go hassle someone else. - Amira
  2. Um... Would you mind not following me? - Amira
  3. Hey! Captain Snoop! You want to get out of my personal space of what? Ever heard of the concept of a PRIVATE conversation? - Amira
  4. I'm trying to have a decent gossip here! And I don't need you! Now go away! - Nikki
  5. What's your problem?! How DARE you try to eavesdrop? Mind your business! - Nikki
  6. Honestly, young people these days... What kind of scamp just eavesdrops like it's no big deal? How rude. - Amira
  7. Oh, and that reminds me, my little one was gabbing about something interesting the other day... Apparently a young girl was seen going in and out of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. - Nikki
  8. Oh, weird. Think they adopted or something? - Amira
  9. But the director...just doesn't seem the adopting type, you know? I just have to wonder if the girl is... ac-tu-ally... Now, that can't be. - Nikki
  10. Excuse me, but I'm going to bed. Can you please get out of my way? - Amira
  11. Some of us have things to do, y'know? Would you mind leaving me alone? - Amira