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Danda (Grandmother)
Kalani (Older Sister)

Makure is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Makure is a Gerudo child who lives with her older sister Kalani and her grandmother Danda at Gerudo Town.

Each morning at 7am, Makure wakes up and runs around in a figure eight pattern, just in front of her grandmother's shop. She runs around pretending to be a horse.[1] This is because she refers to Divine Beast Vah Naboris as Horsey Fatback. She mentions that the Divine Beast walks around in the desert with massive stomps and if anybody gets close, the horse goes KABOOM and BZZBZZ, referring to the lightning strike.[2] Although Makure doesn't actually think the divine beast is that bad, just that its in a bad mood because everybody says its bad.

At 12pm Makure runs over near the center of town to get a better look at Horsey Fatback.[3][4] Later after 4pm, she will meet up with her sister Kalani and her friends Dalia and Pearle at the southwest side of town.[5] At 8pm each evening Makure will head back to her grandfather's booth to go to bed.[6]



  1. Sav'otta! Oh, wow! You're a vai from out of town! I...I was just pretending to be a horse! - Makure
  2. What? You don't know about Horsey Fatback? You don't have one where you're from? There's this really big horse-thing that walks around outside the village, like STOMP STOMP. If you get close to him, he goes... KABOOM! And... BZZBZZ! It's really exciting! But I think Horsey Fatback is actually good! He's only in a bad mood 'cause everyone keeps saying he's bad! - Makure
  3. I'm on my way to watch Horsey Fatback! - Makure
  4. *STOMP...STOMP* I think I can see him! - Makure
  5. I'm going with everyone now! Talk to you later! Sav'orq! - Makure
  6. It's dark out now, so I'm going back to my vaba's booth! Sav'orq! - Makure