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Soldier in disguise



Travels the road between the Gerudo Canyon Stable, Kara Kara Bazaar, and Gerudo Town

Lukan is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Lukan is a Gerudo who can be found patrolling the road between the Gerudo Canyon Stable and Gerudo Town, passing through Kara Kara Bazaar. While she dresses and looks like a merchant, she is actually a soldier from Gerudo Town.[1] She carries a Gerudo Shield and Gerudo Scimitar, but her main job is to blend in with the population, keeping in eye out for any members of the Yiga Clan. She warns Link that if people let their guard down, the Yiga Clan jackals are bound to show their true colors.[2][3][4]

When Lukan arrives at the Gerudo Canyon Stable, she will stop to rest for a short while, sitting on the ground. Even while resting at the stable, she will still keep an eye out for the Yiga Clan.[5] While at Kara Kara Bazaar, Lukan is a bit more relaxed, as she's fairly confiding there is no one suspicious around.[6]

When traveling through the Gerudo Desert, Lukan will warn Link to beware of the sandstorms that are in the region.[7]

When walking between Kara Kara Bazaar and Gerudo Town, she will comment about the dangers of being near Naboris. She says that at any moment, Naboris's lightning strikes can strike Link.[8][9]

If enemies appear, Lukan will pull out her weapon, ready to attack. Although she claims she doesn't have her usual trust blade on her.[10] If Link fights off the monsters, Lukan initially suspects that Link's battling skills might make him a member of the Yiga Clan. However, after realizing the Yiga would never save her, she thanks him, rewarding him with a meal.[11]



  1. Hmmmm... You look like your everyday traveler, but how can I be sure? Don't tell anyone...but I'm no merchant. I'm a Gerudo Town soldier in disguise. Ever heard of the Yiga Clan? They're a group of thieving bandits who have caused all sorts of trouble back in town. I got a tip that some of them go incognito as travelers to ambush the unwary. That's why I'm dressed as a simple merchant. My mission is to blend in and stay on guard in case they strike. They were bold enough to strike at Gerudo Town, so I wouldn't be shocked if they struck at travelers, too... - Lukan
  2. If anyone at this stable lets their guard down, those Yiga Clan jackals are bound to show their true colors. I have to keep a careful eye out for any suspicious characters - Lukan
  3. Those Yiga Clan jackals will pounce on anyone who lets their guard down. I can't afford to relax for even a moment. - Lukan
  4. The other soldiers are working day and night to root out the surviving Yiga Clan jackals. I've got to do my part too. - Lukan
  5. This is a nice place to relax in the middle of a long journey, huh? WRONG! That's what the Yiga Clan WANTS you to think! - Lukan
  6. I've been watching, and I feel safe saying there's no one suspicious around here. Still, I'll keep my eyes open. - Lukan
  7. One warning if you're planning to go into the desert: there are sandstorms out there so thick you can't tell vai from voe. Don't get caught up in one if you value your life! - Lukan
  8. You're still here? Don't you understand the dangers? Sa'oten! Don't blame me if Naboris's lightning strikes you down. - Lukan
  9. Ever since Naboris showed up again, we've had no end of problems here. Anyone who knows anything about the desert, like my people, takes pains to avoid the thing. You should get to safety somewhere like Kara Kara Bazaar before Naboris's lighting strikes you down. - Lukan
  10. Sa'oten! If I had my usual trusty blade, these sands you see before you would be littered with their guts! - Lukan
  11. You seem at home in battle. You're...not a member of the Yiga Clan, are you? Hah, what am I saying? As if any of those jackals would go to the trouble of saving me. I have to thank you somehow. Is this enough? - Lukan