Kafei's Diary

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Kafei's Diary

Kafei's Diary is an object that is found within Majora's Mask. It is owned by Kafei.


The item is located within the Mayor's Residence, found in the bedroom just next to the Madame Aroma's office.


Kafei's Diary talks about how much he loves his fiancée, Anju.[1] He's so excited about his wedding mask and getting married. It also mentions how he is always thinking about Anju, and if she has finished her wedding mask.[2]


  1. "I plan to wear my wedding mask and talk about my sweetheart as much as I can.", Kafei's Diary
  2. "I wonder if Anju has finished her wedding mask. She tends to do things at the last minute, so probably not.", Kafei's Diary