Granny's Diary

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Granny's Diary




Granny's Diary is an object in Majora's Mask. It is found in Granny's room on the bottom floor of the Stock Pot Inn. The diary's entries change between the First and Second Day, and vary from complaining about Anju's cooking[1], to their impending relocation to Romani Ranch due to the Moon falling[2].


  1. "It was my granddaughter who cooked again today. Putting that to the lips shortens the life! I thought of a way to get by without eating. I'll try it tomorrow. I just hope I'm not caught." — Granny, Majora's Mask.
  2. "We're going to take refuge at Romani Ranch tomorrow. I guess it really will fall. Leaving my lifelong home and fleeing is unbearable, but nothing can be done... I think I'll take several of Gampy's favorite books." — Granny, Majora's Mask.