Interview:Total RPG February 22nd 1999

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Total RPG February 22nd 1999


February 22, 1999



Total RPG


Dan Owsen mention that the information in back of the US version of the A Link to the Past box is inaccurate, as is the Nintendo Power Player's Guides. He also suggested his idea regarding the timeline placement.



Total RPG: Dan, it appears something about A Link to the Past translation is jumbled. It is said the events played out in Ocarina of Time were the events that happened in the story of A Link to the Past, and therefore were to solve many story holes. But if Zelda 3's instruction manual is read, these events sound completely different, and now there seem to be more holes than ever. It clearly states on the back of the box of A Link to the Past that it was a prequel to The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link, but Miyamoto says it comes after them. What's the truth?
Dan Owsen: The truth is, the text on the box (and possibly the Nintendo Power guide) is wrong. D'oh! If you just ignore the box text, the stories fit together better. Basically, the events in Ocarina of Time are the "Imprisoning War" described in the SNES version's story. The Golden Land was the Sacred Realm before Ganondorf corrupted it. The order of the stories is: Ocarina of Time, Zelda 1, Zelda 2, A Link to the Past. Since Link's Awakening was a dream (or was it?) it's hard to say where it fits.