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The Bulbul is an enemy exclusive to Four Swords.[1] It is a large, bulbous creature, with a big green jelly-like sphere protecting its body. In order to defeat it, the core must be laid naked, by repeatedly slashing at the green jelly.


In order to defeat it, Link must repeatedly slash at the green jelly. However, Link will bounce off as well after each slash, and send the creature bouncing off in the other direction upon contact. After a few moments, the Bulbul will regenerate the layers of jelly fairly quickly, so Link will have to hit him again right away. While the enemy can be defeated with one Link, using a second Link attacking from the other side is recommended. After about four consecutive slashes, the body will be revealed, and Link must then hit it one last time to defeat the enemy.


Their primary attack is simply running into Link and will periodically dash towards Link. This makes them hard to defeat, especially when they come in groups of two or more. Bulbul will also often times appear alongside other enemies. They are even harder in single player mode when playing Four Swords Anniversary Edition, as it is significantly more difficult for Link to hit the Bulbul from both sides. With other Bulbul and other enemies on the screen at the same time, the enemy can be quite dangerous.