Brother Goriyas

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Brother Goriyas





1-2 Heart.png Boomerang
1-2 Heart.png Contact


"Growrrr! You cannot pass!"

— Brother Goriyas

Blue-Brother-Goriya.png Red-Brother-Goriya.pngThe Brother Goriyas are bull-like Goriyas that serve as the Mini-Boss of the first dungeon in Oracle of Seasons, the Gnarled Root Dungeon.[1] One Goriya is blue where as the other is red, but there is otherwise no significant differences between the two.

The Brother Goriyas wield a single Boomerang that they throw back and forth between each other, attempting to hit Link in the process. Unlike most enemies, they are quite fast, but they stop moving when seeking to catch the other Brother's toss. In order for Link to defeat the Brother Goriyas, he can either use his Sword or use Bombs to attack them. Once Link defeats one of the Goriyas, the other will perish as well. Therefore, the most effective way for Link to defeat them is to attack one Goriya repeatedly to defeat it as soon as possible.

Defeating the Brother Goriyas grants Link access to a room holding Gnarled Root's dungeon item, the Seed Satchel already equipped with Ember Seeds.