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Branli is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Branli can be found on top of the Ridgeland Tower. He has dedicated his life to studying the Rito, which he refers to as the bird-men. He had been studying the bird-man in the area, but just happened to be in the location where the Ridgeland Tower is located when Link first caused all the towers to rise up.[1][2] Branli doesn't understand how birds with such small wings, such as the Rito, can support their weight and maintain flight.

When he realizes that Link too is on the tower, he assumes that Link is stuck as well and can't get down without hurting himself.[3] After learning that Link can glide down, he is excited as he thinks this could help his research. He hopes to understand the science of bird-man flight and wants to one day himself be a bird, capable of flight.[4]

Bird-Man Research Study

Main article: Bird-Man Research Study

When Link speaks with Branli, he can he participate in his research study, where Branli will see how far Link can fly.[5] This comes in the form of a mini-game where Link simply needs to glide as far away from the Ridgeland Tower as possible, without touching the ground. It will cost Link 20 rupees to participate, as a liability fee in case he injures himself.[6]

The best strategy is to glide southeast from the tower, towards the lower elevation within the Breach of Demise. Whatever the prevailing winds are at the time could influence the distance that Link can travel.[7] It does not matter how long Link is in the air, just simply how far away from the tower he can land.

While gliding, Link can use a Stamina Elixir, or eat a meal to increase his stamina. With just a few Stamina upgrades, Link should be able to glide and reach a distance over 600m, which will give him the top prize. Alternatively, Link can simply use Revali's Gale and with some stamina upgrades, can get to distances well over 800m.

Getting a score under 450m results in no reward at all.[8] A score between 450m and 600m will give Link a Purple Rupee.[9] A top score of over 600m will result in a Silver Rupee as a reward.[10]



  • In Breath of the Wild, it isn't clear how Branli made his way to where Ridgeland Tower grew before the tower sprouted from the ground, seeing that the lake surrounding the tower is littered with Wizzrobes and Electric Lizalfos armed to the teeth.


  1. Hmm... It's quite high. If only I was a bird-man... WAAAH! Wh-where did you come from? Don't scare me like that! How... How did you get up here? Thought I suppose you could ask me the same question. - Branli
  2. You see, I have dedicated my life to the study of bird-men! Their flight mechanics fascinate me! Given their weight, it should be physically impossible for them to fly with wings of their size. I just don't get it! I was standing on the ground watching the skies, when suddenly this tower erupted beneath my feet! I've been stuck up here since with no way to get down. But my misfortune is a blessing in disguise! You see, this tower is the perfect place to observe bird-men in their natural habitat. - Branli
  3. Oh, my! Now that you've climbed up here, how will you get down without falling?! I suppose you're stuck here too. - Branli
  4. WHAT?! You can fly?! You can fly like a bird-man?! Is that true? I thought it impossible for a Hylian to fly like a bird-man! Ah... It's more like gliding then? That's still a step in the right direction! If I can analyze your glide distance and trajectory, it may help us understand the science of the bird-man flight. Then maybe one day I'll finally realize my dream of becoming a bird! *ahem* - Branli
  5. Would you mind participating in a short research study? I want to see how far you can glide. You'll be compensated for your time and travel...depending on how far you fly. So how about it? - Branli
  6. Marvelous! Our findings today may prove to be the cornerstone of bird-man research for generations to come! are merely gliding. Not flying. Making this a rather dangerous research project. As such, a liability fee of 20 rupees will be necessary to proceed. You know, in cast I have to file an...incident report. - Branli
  7. Landing elevation! Wind direction! Stamina usage! Keep all of these in mind as you consider the farthest destination you can reach by gliding! If you're ready, let's take to the skies! Bird-man research study! GOOOO! - Branli
  8. What happened?! You looked so confident, but you only flew ___! This does NOTHING for my research! I'm sorry, but I don't give rewards for paltry performances. I give rewards for poultry performances! Just...try to imagine that you're a bird-man freeing yourself from the unjust chains of gravity! And if you run out of energy while gliding, try making some adjustments that will give you more stamina. - Branli
  9. Let's see here... You flew ___. Small steps lead to great strides in the long run. - Branli
  10. MARVELOUS! What a breathtaking flight! I never dreams a Hylian could fly ___! Your methods may have been unconventional-I didn't see you flap your arms once-but they were effective! The field of bird-man research will benefit greatly from this data. You deserve heavy compensation for your stellar efforts. Please, take this! - Branli