Bird-Man Research Study

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This article is about the minigame from Breath of the Wild. For the minigame from Wind Waker, see Bird-Man Contest.
Bird-Man Research Study





Green-rupee.png 20


Paraglide as far away from Ridgeland Tower as possible



Bird-Man Research Study is a mini-game located atop of the Ridgeland Tower in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

When Link first arrives at the Ridgeland Tower, he'll find Branli, who has been stuck atop the tower ever since it has risen from the ground.

Branli is a researcher of the Rito and in particular, how they are able to fly with such small wings, yet large bodies.[1] He is conducting research and after learning that Link can paraglide, he has asked him to help out in his studies. For 20 rupees, Link can participate in the study, which involves Link using his Paraglider to glide as far away from the Ridgeland Tower as possible, without touching the ground. It does not mater how long Link is in the air, but rather, where he lands.

In order to earn the top reward, Link will need to have a few stamina upgrades, or have some elixirs or a meal that can recover Link's stamina while he is in mid-flight. From the tower, glide to the southeast, towards the Breach of Demise, as that is the lowest elevation in the area. If Link has Revali's Gale, he can get significantly further, but it is not necessary. The top prize is awarded to Link for traveling 600m away, which can be done without Revali's Gale and with just three Stamina upgrades. This will result in Link earning a Silver Rupee. With Stamina Upgrades and Revali's Gale, Link can reach distances well over 800m away.


Distance Response Reward
0 - 450m
What happened?! You looked so confident, but you only flew ___! This does NOTHING for my research! I'm sorry, but I don't give rewards for paltry performances. I give rewards for poultry performances! Just...try to imagine that you're a bird-man freeing yourself from the unjust chains of gravity! And if you run out of energy while gliding, try making some adjustments that will give you more stamina.
450m - 600m
Let's see here... You flew ___. Small steps lead to great strides in the long run.
600m or more
MARVELOUS! What a breathtaking flight! I never dreams a Hylian could fly ___! Your methods may have been unconventional-I didn't see you flap your arms once-but they were effective! The field of bird-man research will benefit greatly from this data. You deserve heavy compensation for your stellar efforts. Please, take this!



  1. You see, I have dedicated my life to the study of bird-men! Their flight mechanics fascinate me! Given their weight, it should be physically impossible for them to fly with wings of their size. I just don't get it! I was standing on the ground watching the skies, when suddenly this tower erupted beneath my feet! I've been stuck up here since with no way to get down. But my misfortune is a blessing in disguise! You see, this tower is the perfect place to observe bird-men in their natural habitat. - Branli