Armos Warrior

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Armos Warrior

The Armos Warrior is the Mini-Boss found within the Skull Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.[1] It carries a very large shield along with a sword to defend itself against Link's attacks. It bears a similar resemblance to Armos Knights from A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening.


At the start of battle, the Armos Warrior declares it will crush Link with its mighty shield and sword, which both protect him from any attacks directly from Link. To do this, he throws the sword at Link and controls its movement in midair to follow him. If Link uses this to his advantage, he can make the sword attack the Armor Warrior for him. After this is done three times, the mini-boss proceeds to charge at Link. Avoiding the foe prompts it to collide with the wall of the battle room and be temporarily stunned. Link must then slash away at the Armor Warrior with his sword, eventually defeating him.